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News video games 03 October 2023, 18:01

author: Marcin Przala

MMO New World Gets First Paid DLC Today; Players Don't Like Price and Modest Content [Update]

The first expansion for New World, Rise of the Angry Earth, launches today. The price to be paid, for the new content for the MMO from Amazon Games has divided players.

Source: Amazon Games.


Rise of the Angry Earth for New World is now available. A launch trailer has hit the web on its debut - still fresh:

Original news

Today at 6 p.m. CET, the first major expansion for the MMO game New World will launch, subtitled Rise of the Angry Earth.

The large DLC is priced at 28.99 euros, which did not please part of Internet users. They believe that the expansion introduces too little new content to justify the amount Amazon Games is asking for it.

However, before we get to player reactions to the DLC, let's first focus on what Rise of the Angry Earth introduces.

  • New story content is heading to the game, which will tell the story of the fall of the so-called First Light and a land once famous for its hospitality, which fell into ruin due to the fury of Angry Earth. As part of the story, players will come face to face with powerful Beast Lords.
  • An important new mechanic in Rise of the Angry Earth will be the ability to own a mount, which offer customizable appearance and equipment.. Moreover, an equestrian profession will come to the game, which will enable us to improve our animal companion.
  • As part of the expansion, the maximum level cap of the character has been increased (to 65), as well as for professions (to 250). Along with the new attributes, the character's max equipment level (so-called Gear Score) will also be raised to 700.
  • New: weapons (cluster), faction quests, classes or a powerful equipment rarity level called Artifacts, which will be unlocked by performing a series of special quests, will appear in the game.
  • In addition, a high-level expedition, a heart rune ability - Wrath of Fury, and a transformed zone - Celestial Wilderness - are heading to the game.
  • There is also, of course, a new season pass, and the developers assure that a number of periodic events and special social events are heading to the game. The first of these, with the participation of popular content creators, will launch today.

Interestingly, on the occasion of Rise of the Angry Earth's release the base game will also get a sizable update that will rebuild several areas of the game. In addition to changes in balance, part of the main campaign path will be "polished". New World will also get a revamped PvP mode - Fight for Influence.

"Greedy developers" and community's two voices

The web has recently seen fairly numerous negative voices about Rise of the Angry Earth, accusing Amazon of wanting to get easy money with little effort and no creativity.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the news, the biggest problem according to some players seems to be the price, at $30 - especially considering that the expansion does not offer anything groundbreaking that might catch the attention of players who want to return to the title.

"$10 for mounts, $10 for a re-released zone and $10 for... swimming?"

Others believe that the DLC introduces content that should have been in the game when it was released.

"30 [dollars - ed. note] for what. For things that should have been in the base game (like mounts, new weapons, etc.). Ok, you introduce a new story and a redesigned(!) area, but it's still not worth 30 bucks. 10 at most, even boring ESO [Elder Scrolls Online - ed. note] got a lot more in its expansions and they are definitely worth the price. And those greedy developers [from Amazon - ed. note] already have a B2P model, an in-game store and a season pass."

On the other hand, it's fair to say that the Internet also has fans of New World, who don't mind reaching a little deeper into their pockets, knowing that the new content will make the hours spent in the game more enjoyable.

"I paid $20 2 years ago and got 2,000 hours of gameplay and fun, I'll gladly pay 30 and more."

Still other Internet users rightly point out that New World is a relatively cheap MMO compared to its competitors. Spending $30 once in a while seems justified in their opinion, considering the overall entertainment that the game offers.

"I swear sometimes I don't understand people. We paid for New World once - two years ago. We don't have a monthly subscription, any form of pay to win, or gacha mechanics. Only the season pass, which was introduced recently. The new expansion is half the price of any other AAA MMO and everyone is mad?

I'm absolutely sure everyone is fine with ActiBlizz charging up to $70 for the latest expansion with a shiny new mount.

Come on."

To sum up, from the players' reactions we can conclude that the new expansion to New World is an item aimed mainly at devoted fans of the game. Those unconvinced by Amazon's work are unlikely to have enough motivation to retest the game for a (problematic) fee. This is confirmed by the charts of the active player base, which, despite the upcoming DLC, has remained fairly constant for quite some time (via SteamDB).

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