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News guides 04 October 2023, 12:17

How to Unlock Wolf Mount in New World

With the new expansion for New World, called Rise of the Angry Earth, mounts have been added to the game. In our guide, we explain how to unlock the Wolf Mount.

Source: New World, developer: Amazon Games

New World is an open-world MMO game that focuses on exploration, combat, and collecting and forging your own items. The new expansion to this game has been released recently - Rise of the Angry Earth. After two years from the initial release, this DLC introduces something that fans of the game have been asking for since its release, namely mounts. In our guide, we explain how to unlock the Wolf Mount in New World.

How to unlock Wolf Mount in New World?

Here's a step-by-step look at what you need to do to get access to Wolf Mount:

  1. First of all, you must purchase the Rise of the Angry Earth DLC first. Even if you meet the level requirements but don't have it purchased, you won't get any mount-related quests.
  2. Next, your in-game character must be level 25. Head to Everfall. Accept the quest called Change of the Wild by talking to NPC Jochi Khan. After completing it, you will receive Horse Mount.
  3. After unlocking the horse, you have to do two sets of four (a total of eight) different races. Icons that symbolize the races will appear on the map. Each of them requires you to get to the finish line in a certain amount of time, so use the dash ability wisely.
  4. When you finish the races, follow the mission marker and talk to Francois De La Rama. He will assign you another quest.
  5. Go to the Great Cleave location and talk to Valencia Iznov. Your task will be to free three different wolves belonging to her (your character must be level 45 to accept this quest).
  6. Go to the mission marker on the map (southern region of Great Cleave), You will notice cages there, in which the wolves are locked. You have to open the cages and free the animals. Be prepared to fight.
  7. After freeing the three wolves, return to Valencia Iznov. You will then complete the quest and receive a Wolf Mount named Bloodfeast.

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