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New World Guide

New World Guide

Brave New World New World guide contains complete walkthrough, Beginner's Guide, best tips for fighting, character creation, camp building, raids, factions and crafting. We describe skills, best builds and system requirements.

Last update: 03 August 2021

This New World game guide and walkthrough is a comprehensive source of knowledge describing all the aspects of this MMORPG production. Our tips for beginners will introduce you to this huge world filled with monsters, independent characters, as well as other players. The first chapter of this walkthrough describes the basic mechanics of the game. We will guide you through the process of creating your character, provide tips on how to develop them, explain how to effectively fight enemies, and show you how to build your own camp. We also described factions and companies, as well as how crafting and PvP works and what expeditions/raids are.

Then, the FAQ should address most questions you might still have about New World. This should be a good, complementary source of knowledge. How to buy your own home, where to look for raw materials, what to do at the beginning of the game or how to use fast travel.

In turn, the chapter about weapon proficiencies focuses on an extremely important element of character development in New World. You will find all weapons skill trees and advice on which weapon skills are the best. We haven't forgotten about the other skills, either. In our guide, we've included a description of the three available professions - crafting, processing, and collecting.

Equally helpful is the section focused on the best character builds. Here, you will learn how to develop your character to fight enemies more effectively. Our descriptions of some of the best builds will help you adapt your character's development path to your playstyle in New World.

New World: Basics

The initial chapter of our guide will introduce you to the game and tell you what to do during the first hours. The beginner's guide will make it easier to find your bearings in the vast New World, and the description of all the most important aspects of the game will help you learn the intricacies of the mechanics.

  1. Beginner's guide
  2. 5 beginner's tips
  3. Factions
  4. Camp
  5. Own house
  6. Weapon Mastery
  7. Territory Standings
  8. Crafting
  9. Character development
  10. PvP modes
  11. Expeditions
  12. Professions
  13. Combat

New World: FAQ

New World can bring about many questions. But don't fret – we do our best to dispel any doubts you might have.

  1. Mini-map - is it available?
  2. Storage Shed - where is it?
  3. Healing - how to restore health?
  4. Weapon Mastery - how to develop?
  5. Items - how to sell?
  6. Death - what are the consequences?
  7. Items - how to repair?
  8. Own house - how to buy?
  9. Fast travel - how does it work?
  10. Microtransactions - are there any?
  11. Character appearance - can it be changed?
  12. Mounts - are there?
  13. Camp - how to unlock?
  14. Resources - how to track?
  15. Azoth - how to earn?
  16. Company (guild) - how to join?
  17. Health potions - how to make?
  18. Experience - how to gain quickly?
  19. How to increase carrying capacity?
  20. Which faction is the best?
  21. How to acquire better weapons and armor?

New World: Weapon Mastery

Character development in New World is mainly based on improving weapons skills. Here, you will find out which weapon skills are the best.

  1. Sword and Shield
  2. Bow
  3. Rapier
  4. Hatchet
  5. Spear
  6. Two-handed axe
  7. War Hammer
  8. Musket
  9. Fire Staff
  10. Life Staff
  11. Ice Gauntlet
  12. Vacuum gauntlet

New World: Crafting

Crafting in New World allows you to make weapons, armor, food, ammunition and many other items. Our guide describes all the crafting professions and suggest how to fast level individual skills.

  1. Weaponsmithing
  2. Armoring
  3. Engineering
  4. Jewelcrafting
  5. Arcana
  6. Cooking
  7. Furnishing

New World: Harvesting

Crafting materials must first be harvested. New World has 5 harvesting professions available. Each of them allows you to collect different resources. Our tips will show you how to use these skills.

  1. Logging
  2. Mining
  3. Harvesting
  4. Tracking and skinning
  5. Fishing

New World: Refining

Harvested materials have to be refined in special crafting stations. Our guide to New World describes all the refining skills and explains how to develop them quickly.

  1. Smelting
  2. Woodworking
  3. Leatherworking
  4. Weaving
  5. Stonecutting

New World: Best builds

At some stage of the game, you should decide which way to direct your character. Before doing that, read about the best builds in New World. Here you will find tank, healer, DPS and a solo gameplay character build.

  1. Best builds

New World: System requirements

Minimum requirements of New World:

  1. Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 / AMD Quad Core 3.0 GHz (or better)
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. Graphics card: GeForce GTX 670 / AMD Radeon R9 280 (or better)
  4. Operating system: Windows 10 (64 bits)
  5. Disk space: 50 GB
  6. Internet access.

Read more about the system requirements on a separate page of our guide: System requirements.

New World: Language versions

The game is available in English (US & UK), Spanish, Brazillian Portuguese, Italian, French, German - this also applies to the beta version. We wrote more on this on the page: Game language-how to change?.

About New World Guide

Author : Radoslaw "Wacha" Wasik for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update :

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

New World Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Amazon Games
  • publisher:, Inc.
  • platform: PC

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