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News guides 26 March 2024, 00:52

How to Fix Black Screen in Palia

Palia is a relaxing, casual title with its own set of problems. Here you will learn how to fix black screen issue that makes it impossible to explore the cosy world of this game.

Source: Palia, Developer: Singularity 6

On the northern hemisphere the spring is upon us, and with it new farming sims are blooming. Not long ago we have witnessed the release of Lightyear Frontier, to be later treated to juicy patch for old but gold classic in the form of Stardew Valley. Now, we can enjoy yet another representative of this genre – Palia. While it is not a new title, for some time it was an exclusive for Epic Games Store. Now, more players have a chance to enjoy it. Even though it’s spring already, the dusk still falls relatively quickly and the darkness creeps… unfortunately even to games, as Palia experiences some black screen issues. As we do not control the nature itself, we can at least see what we can do in the field of technology. Here you will find a fix for black screen in this charming production.

Black screen fix for Palia

Palia joins the idea of farming sim with exploration and crafting, sprinkled with sims-like house decoration. Such cosy game drew attention of many players seeking refuge from more demanding titles. Sadly, Palia has some technical issues that make it impossible for fans to fully enjoy. One of the most pressing matters is black screen that renders the production unplayable, yet fear not, as the fix is fairly simple.

Many players have seen a situation that after trying to start the game from the menu, it shows only HUD (Heads-Up Display) with all the information, yet the screen remains pitch black. The fix that they have found is very straightforward – all there is to do is to go to Graphics settings and change the FOV (Field of View) from the default value to 80.

Unfortunately, the title apparently struggles with many bugs and glitches. Fans, who have been with Palia since its beta days report that many problems made their way to the full release, too. Bear in mind though, that the game is free-to-play with in-game purchases, so despite all the problems, it is worth giving it a shot. Have fun!

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