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News guides 23 May 2024, 02:39

How to Fix Lag and Stuttering in Wuthering Waves (WuWa)

If you have a sub optimal experience in WuWa due to lags, there may be a way to deal with this. If you are interested, hop in and you'll learn more here.

Source: Wuthering Waves, Developer: Kuro Game

It should not be surprising that after a great success of Genshin Impact, similar games have started to crop up. From more notable ones we have seen Honkai Star Rail from the same studio (miHoYo), and right now Wuthering Waves is making a great entrance to this subgenre of anime-like productions. However, as it usually happens with freshly released titles, the performance is subpar. Many players complain that the game lags immensely not allowing them to experience otherwise interesting production, to the fullest. Let’s see if there is any remedy for it.

Fixing lag and stuttering in WuWa

Wuthering Waves made its debut on PC and mobile devices running Android and iOS, sadly leaving consoles behind. As the game is developed with less powerful machines in mind, it shouldn’t have any performance issues on computers, right? Well, not exactly. A lot of fans complain that the game is very laggy even though it runs on rather recent configurations. The solution to this is quite unintuitive, so let’s see what helped in the case of many players.

For numerous fans, WuWa launches with minimum possible graphics settings as default. This seems to relate to lags and audio issues. There is a way to get around it, though. As soon as you get into the main menu, navigate to settings, and set them to Advanced. This seems very illogical, yet some players reported that, surprisingly, it worked for them. Similarly, setting the game to run at 60fps instead of 30 also seems to be alleviating the lag problem, especially on mobile devices. Additionally, it is worth noting that there can be hiccups while transversing between locations, as most probably they are loading in. Be prepared for some shaders building.

It is also worth to check if you have the newest drivers. Installing the game on SSD rather than HDD, if you have a possibility, is also a good idea. Keep in mind that the problems in your case may not be caused by your hardware, but a ping. To minimalize the risk, use the recommended server. Remember that the game is a fresh release. Some connection problems, especially in the case of such high traffic, may happen.

Performance is unfortunately not the only concern of Wuthering Waves. The title can sometimes get stuck on downloading or not launch when using Epic Games Launcher. It is a shame, because this production features many interesting characters, among them Jinhsi or Changli.

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