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News guides 03 April 2023, 15:47

author: Adam Adamczyk

How to Get Heavy Chitin and Wings in Smalland

Heavy chitin and insect wings are very useful materials in Smalland. In this guide you will learn how to get them.

Smalland is a popular game that is currently available on Steam in early access. In the game, we traverse a vast world, fight gigantic insects and try to survive. In the latter, it is very helpful to have armor, for the crafting of which specific materials are necessary. Thanks to this guide you will learn how to obtain heavy chitin and insect wings in Smalland.

Heavy Chitin in Smalland

How to Get Heavy Chitin and Wings in Smalland - picture #1
Heavy Chitin in Smalland

Heavy Chitin is the material needed to create some armor in Smalland, including Ironwing Armor. You can find a full list of them in our guide. It can be obtained by defeating some insects, such as cockroaches. One of them you will find between the boss called Black Hornet and an NPC named Mirmek. It is located right next to the gate with the stop sign.

Wings in Smalland

Insect Wings are another useful material that is needed to craft Regal Armor, the best armor in the early stages of the game. You will acquire them by defeating some flying creatures.

The easiest way to obtain them is from bees. They often fly near larger clusters of flowers. One such location is near the point where you spawn at the beginning of the game. Below we present this location. You will find a large group of these creatures there.

How to Get Heavy Chitin and Wings in Smalland - picture #2
Bees in Smalland

You can also get them after defeating a dragonfly, but this opponent poses a relatively high challenge for beginning players. For this reason, bees are the best early source of insect wings.

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Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Smalland: Survive the Wilds