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News guides 28 September 2023, 09:53

How to Get Hidden Achievement in CS2 (Counter Strike 2), Missing Achievements Explained

Counter Strike 2 has officially launched as an update for CSGO. There is only one hidden achievement in the game now. If you want to learn more, you're in the right place.

Source: Counter Strike 2, Developer: Valve

After a period of closed betas, Counter Strike 2 has reached its official release. Some important changes are revamped netcode, which changes how actions are registered on the servers, and new way of how the smoke grenades work, among other things. With modernised graphics, the game is still the same good, old, competitive FPS we have known for years. Counter Strike 2 is an update to already free-to-play Counter Strike Global Offensive. There is one interesting implication resulting from that fact – CS2 has only one achievement, while its predecessor had literally dozens of them. If you want to know how to earn this hidden achievement, we’re here to help.

Hidden Achievement in Counter Strike 2 and how to get it

Counter Strike: Global Offensive had 167 achievements and the update to CS2 change that number to… only 1. As enigmatic in its name (A New Beginning), as it may be, getting it is surprisingly simple and easy. All that has to be done is to play a match in Counter Strike 2.

This doesn’t even require joining a ranking multiplayer game as it is enough to launch a practice game (like Training Day), closing it and the achievement should pop up marking 100% game completion in your collection. If it does not, for some reason, just complete one round.

Missing achievements in CS2

As Counter Strike 2 is just a big update for CS:GO, it seems like it completely scrapped all the achievements that players have gathered over the years in the previous version of the game. Will they be back?

There is no official statement from Valve on this yet, though it would be strange to leave the situation as is. CS2 is a multiplayer focused game which core lies in competitive play, though going from more than 100 achievements to only one while not retaining historical data from the previous version doesn’t seem alright.

We can only hope they will be brought back at some point in the future, but personally I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that we’ll be left with only one achievement for this title. Valve is not afraid to go their own path that’s not always very popular. This might be a sign that the creators intent to emphasize the competitiveness of the game.

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