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News guides 19 June 2024, 06:55

author: Agnes Adamus

How to Get Refined Parts in Once Human

Once Human is a popular survival game set in a postapocalyptic world. As in other games of the genre, you will need resources. Learn how to get Refined Parts.

Source: Once Human, developer: Starry Studio

Survivals have been popular for years. It’s not surprising that fresh games in this genre are constantly appearing on Steam. One of the newest addition to the “family”, Once Human, was very popular during the latest edition of Steam Next Fest. The title is set in the postapocalyptic world and takes players with finding various resources. Obtaining some of them is not entirely clear. One of such materials is Refined Parts. From this guide you will learn how to find it.

How to Get Refined Parts in Once Human?

Refined Parts is one of resources that is hard to find. This is because it’s a kind of disassembled materials. What does it mean? The answer is simple – you won't find it while exploring the world. To gain these resource you must deconstruct items in Disassembly Bench in your base. To build this workbench you need:

  1. 20 x Gravel;
  2. 10 x Copper Ingots.

When you build Disassembly Bench, you can go to 25+ level areas. One of these locations is Iron River, northeast from the starting point. There, search everything possible. That's how you'll be able to find the garbage, its processing should give you Refined Parts. In particular, look for scrap fine body.

Once you manage to find the items, it remains for you to return to the base and put them in the Disassembly Bench. You will then receive information on what you get after deconstruction. The list of items you can get this way is long. You can obtain not only Refined Parts, but also Electronics Accessory, Fireproof Plastic, Carbon Fiber Fabric and Rubber.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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