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Manticore in Animal Well, Ending and Post Game Explained

Olga Fiszer, 29 May 2024, 05:48

Uncover the True Ending of Animal Well following the epic battle with the Manticore boss. Learn about the post-game content and discover what awaits you after the credits roll.

Skull Room and Mysterious Chest in Animal Well Explained

Olga Fiszer, 15 May 2024, 03:41

Wondering what’s inside the Chest in the Skull Room? Our Animal Well guide unravels the mystery.

How to Solve Egg Song in Animal Well and Get Office Key to House

Olga Fiszer, 14 May 2024, 03:13

Still trying to figure out the Egg Song in the Egg Room? Find more in our Animal Well guide, where we explain how to obtain the Office Key for the Hose at the end of the game.

How to Cheese Dog in Animal Well

Aleksander Kartasinski, 14 May 2024, 01:58

If you are struggling with a Ghost Dog in Animal Well, there is a cheese method that can facilitate this portion of the game.

How to Get Top Tool in Animal Well

Olga Fiszer, 13 May 2024, 07:51

Explore our Animal Well guide to learn the secret of obtaining the Top tool. We provide precise instructions and exact location to help you acquire this essential item for your adventure.

Animal Well - How to Get K, S, E Medals to Open Circular Recess

Damian Gacek, 13 May 2024, 07:45

Circular Recesses unlock special items and additional rooms to explore. In this guide we will tell you how to get medals to unlock them.

How to Use Flute in Animal Well

Aleksander Kartasinski, 13 May 2024, 03:41

If you would like to learn the biggest power of the flute in Animal Well, we have prepared this article especially for you.

No Rest for the Wicked Dev Is Already Thinking about Third Installment of Ori Series

Zuzanna Domeradzka, 10 April 2024, 01:12

Although, in theory, the story of the Ori series is completed, it remains possible that Moon Studios will create its next installments.

Highly Rated Metroidvania Will Get a Sequel. It Looks as Beautiful and Dark as Original

Kamil Kleszyk, 26 February 2024, 05:51

Do you remember the game Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights? This highly praised title will get a sequel in the near future. Will Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the Mist repeat the success of the original?

Controller not Working in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

Aleksander Kartasinski, 16 January 2024, 02:41

Controllers on PC can be a problematic topic. The situation is no different in the case of PoP The Lost Crown. If your gamepad is not working correctly in this title, we have gathered several solutions that you can try out.

Momodora Moonlit Farewell - All Achievements and 111% Completion Guide

Olga Fiszer, 15 January 2024, 06:21

Are you a Platinum Hunter eager to Get All Achievements? Check our guide to discover more about secrets and 111% completion in Momodora Moonlit Farewell.

All Companions in Momodora Moonlit Farewell

Adam Adamczyk, 15 January 2024, 04:47

From this guide you will learn how many companions there are in Momodora Moonlit Farewell. Read our article for more details.

Tevi - Console (Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox) Release

Adam Adamczyk, 30 November 2023, 03:06

In this text you will find out when Tevi will hit PS4, PS5 and Xbox consoles. You will also find information about the release on PC and Nintendo Switch.

How to Find Family Crests in The Last Faith

Adam Adamczyk, 22 November 2023, 04:03

In this guide you will learn how to find Family Crests in The Last Faith. Read our article to learn more.

How to Get Air Dash in The Last Faith

Aleksander Kartasinski, 22 November 2023, 02:45

The Last Faith is a new metroidvania title. In its core lies unlocking new abilities, though it's not always easy to do so. If getting Air Dash troubles you, we are here to help.

The Last Faith Launches; Dark Soulslike With a Touch of Blasphemous and Bloodborne

Adrian Werner, 15 November 2023, 01:32

The Last Faith, a promising hybrid of metroidvania and soulslike genre, will debut on the market today.

Soulslike The Last Faith Rlease Date, Demo and New Trailer

Christian Pieniazek, 05 October 2023, 10:21

We've learned the release date of The Last Faith, a hybrid of metroidvania and soulslike, which has achieved success on Kickstarter. In addition, a new atmospheric trailer for it has been made available.

Blasphemous 2 - What to Do with Stolen Pendant of Solitude

Aleksander Kartasinski, 31 August 2023, 12:27

Blasphemous 2 is ambiguous with its quest and items as it features no guidance or quest journal. If you want to know what to do with Stolen Pendant of Solitude, read this article.

Blasphemous 2 - Regula Wakthrough; Can You Save her?

Aleksander Kartasinski, 30 August 2023, 10:41

Many characters in Blasphemous 2 require your assistance. One of them is Regula, who guards falling chapel entrance. Can you save her? How to complete her quest? Here you will find answers.

Blasphemous 2 - Check List of all Resonances; Learn How to Create the Best Ones

Agnes Adamus, 29 August 2023, 16:41

In Blasphemous 2 you can enhance your power with Resonances. In this guide you'll learn which are the best and where to find their full list.

How to Break The Maiden in Blasphemous 2

Aleksander Kartasinski, 29 August 2023, 10:56

Blasphemous 2 introduced Altarpiece of Favours system. There is one unique figure, The Maiden, that can be upgraded through breaking it. Here you will learn more.

The Spirit of the Samurai is a Beautiful Time-lapse Game From FGS 2023

Hubert Sledziewski, 11 June 2023, 17:36

There are never enough games about samurai and cats. Announced at the Future Games Show 2023, The Spirit of the Samurai will be one of them.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox Launches

Adrian Werner, 27 April 2023, 16:16

Today marks the release of The Last Case of Benedict Fox, a promising metroidvania with a touch of Cthulhu mythos.

Dark Soulslike Blasphemous Expecting a Sequel; Watch Trailer

Adrian Werner, 20 April 2023, 14:20

The first trailer for Blasphemous 2, the sequel to the hit soulslike platformer, has been released.

How to Get Alucard's Sword and Unlock Richter Mode in Dead Cells

Agnes Adamus, 10 March 2023, 15:10

Are you playing Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania and looking for Alucard's Sword? Here you will find out how to get it.

Hollow Knight Silkosong in Action; Coming to Game Pass

Hubert Sledziewski, 12 June 2022, 20:16

The second game we saw during Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022 was the highly anticipated Hollow Knight: Silksong. However, the impressive gameplay trailer was not topped with a release date.

Salt and Sacrifice Reviews - Soulslike Game Unafraid of Elden Ring

Jacob Blazewicz, 09 May 2022, 21:44

Salt & Sanctuary goes in a different direction than FromSoftware's title and comes off quite well (although don't expect perfection).

Castlevania Castlevania Advance Collection Now on Steam and Consoles

Adrian Werner, 24 September 2021, 13:36

Konami has released Castlevania Advance Collection, a collection of classic GBA installments of the series. The set is available on PC and consoles.

First Reviews: F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch - Critics Delighted

Przemyslaw Dygas, 06 September 2021, 15:48

It seems that F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch is an unexpected hit. The game by the Chinese studio TiGames collects enthusiastic reviews.

Hollow Knight: Silksong Devs Won't Appear at E3 [UPDATED]

Hubert Sledziewski, 19 May 2021, 16:01

Devs at Team Cherry announced that they will not appear at E3 2021 after all. This means we shouldn't expect any news about Hollow Knight: Silksong in the near future.

Dead Cells Devs Celebrate 5 Million Copies Sold and Success of Mobile Version

Hubert Sledziewski, 19 March 2021, 19:50

Dead Cells, an action game mixing roguelike with metroidvania, has sold five million copies on all platforms. The developers were particularly pleased with the success of the mobile version of the title in China.

Turbo Kid Announced - Devs Promise Bloody Action and BMX Stunts

Milosz Szubert, 09 March 2021, 14:13

Canadian studio Outerminds, known, among other things, for the game starring PewDiePie, has announced Turbo Kid. It will be a metroidvania based on the 2015 film of the same name.

New Info on Hollow Knight: Silksong

Paul Musiolik, 02 January 2021, 20:47

In the latest issue of EDGE magazine, Team Cherry revealed some new information about Hollow Knight: Silksong. In short, it is supposed to be better and much more difficult.

Development of Dead Cells Continues; 3 Million Copies Sold

Jacob Blazewicz, 02 July 2020, 13:02

Motion Twin boasted of the sales of Dead Cells. This successful metroidvania has already reached millions of players, and today it received a great patch, called Update of Plenty, on Steam.

First Reviews: Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Touching and Beautiful Game

Peter Doron, 10 March 2020, 13:22

First reviews of the platform game Ori and the Will of the Wisps, debuting tomorrow on PC and Xbox One, appeared online. As you can easily guess, Moon Studios delivered, although the large number of bugs can be annoying. Day one patch is to remedy the situation.

Beautiful Gameplay From Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Peter Doron, 27 February 2020, 11:47

A 20-minute gameplay from Ori and the Will of the Wisps was released online. The sequel to the acclaimed platform game Ori and the Blind Forest presents itself superbly, heralding the audiovisual feast that will begin on March 11 for PC and XONE users.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Delayed; Watch Game's TGA 2019 Trailer

Jacob Blazewicz, 13 December 2019, 04:36

A new trailer for Ori and the Will of the Wisps was shown at The Game Awards 2019. The video shows that the game will be released a little later than promised.

Dead Cells - Devs are Considering Multiplayer Version

Paul Wozniak, 12 September 2019, 23:09

In an interview for Only Single Player, one of Dead Cells developers, Steve Filby, said that the studio was considering developing a second installment or even a multiplayer version. Filby also expressed his opinion on the creation of an adaptation of the game as an anime or comic book.

Hollow Knight Silksong - Sequel of 2017 Hit Announced

Adrian Werner, 14 February 2019, 16:44

Team Cherry studio has announced the Hollow Knight: Silksong, a continuation of the excellent two-dimensional platformer from 2017.

Skytorn - project from creators of Celeste gets cancelled

Konrad Serafinski, 31 December 2018, 11:24

We have some bad news from the creators of Celeste. The authors of great indie hit of 2018 decided to delete the project they worked on for many years.

SteamWorld Dig 2 confirmed for PC and PlayStation 4

luckie, 27 June 2017, 10:23

If you have been disappointed that SteamWorld Dig 2 was coming only to Nintendo Switch, you will be happy to hear that the game has also been confirmed for PC and PlayStation 4.