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News video games 30 October 2023, 07:08

'I'd Redo It;' Dead Space Dev on Third Installment

In a recent interview, one of the creators of the Dead Space series admitted that if he could, he would completely change the basics of the third installment and remake it from scratch.

Source: Electronic Arts

Released in 2013, Dead Space 3 turned out to be the last installment in the popular space horror game series. This installment turned out to be a major disappointment, and the main complaint of gamers and critics was the excessive focus on action and cutting corners on the scare element.

Poor sales of the game proved to be the nail in the coffin of the entire series, and in the long run - Visceral Games, was closed a few years later.

A decade after the release of Dead Space 3 one of the creators admitted that he was not satisfied with the final result and if he could, "would remake the game from scratch."

Eggless horror

We're speaking of an extensive interview with the CapitainBribo channel, which was given by Chuck Beaver, one of the main producers of Dead Space. During the nearly two-hour conversation, many topics were discussed regarding all the games in the series (as well as plans for the never-released Dead Space 4).

It also covered the infamous Dead Space 3, which, by taking a different direction than the previous two installments, lost many fans. Beaver admitted, that if he could, he would completely rewrite that part and make it from scratch.

"As for the remakes [of Dead Space - editor's note], I would remake Dead Space 3 almost completely. I would keep the lore on which the game is based, but I would change Ellie's relationship with Isaac and rewrite the entire main story."

During the interview, Chuck Beaver went back to the time of the creation of the third game and described the production process that, in retrospect, turned out to be misguided. The idea that Dead Space 3 was "something more" than a single-player survival horror was a failure. And it backfired hard.

"The plan was that we would expand the gameplay into other genres, but I think all these elements together not only failed to attract a new audience, but actually led to the loss of old fans.

Weapon mechanics, crafting - [we left out - editor's note] a lot of things that everyone loved in the old installment, and then we created a whole lot of space for exploration - we were on a big, open planet because of that."

In addition, Beaver admitted that from the beginning "they weren't allowed to create a horror game" - so the game lost its main direction early on.

It is worth mentioning that the poor sales of the third part buried the chance to make Dead Space 4, for which Visceral Games already had an idea. Unfortunately, it was never realized.

Many more topics were covered in the interview, so if you are interested in the behind-the-scenes developments of Dead Space, we leave you with a link to the entire podcast above. Well, perhaps Chuck Beaver's vision will yet come true - a remake of the first Dead Space was successful, so maybe the time will come for a refresh of the third as well.

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