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News guides 10 July 2024, 03:37

Inverted Mouse option and other Problems in Once Human, Players are Dissapointed

Once Human faces major control problems. The Inverted Mouse option has been removed, and mouse sensitivity leaves much to be desired.

Source: Once Human, developer: Starry Studio

Once Human is a free-to-play survival action game. It features a large open world and RPG elements. The main goal in this title is to survive and fight against mutants. Unfortunately, many players believe that it is a very difficult task, mainly due to poor mouse sensitivity or the lack of Inverted Mouse option. From our article you will learn what exactly hinders players' control.

Once Human – Mouse Problems Explained

Once Human appeared yesterday, July 9, on PC as a F2P game. Not surprisingly, a good number of people rushed to this title to see how it works. Unfortunately, at this point, for many gamers the mouse controls are a big cause for complaint and leave a lot to be desired.

The players' community is mainly complaining about the removal of the Inverted Mouse option, which was apparently available in the demo version. This is a strange move, yet you will not find this setting in the final build of the game. Perhaps it will be added in the future, although at this point there are no reports on the matter.

The second issue is very slow mouse control. Its sensitivity when looking sideways seems sluggish. Some people even say that they feel as if they are experiencing quite a delay between what they are doing and what is happening on the screen. Input lag is noticeable. You can try to mitigate the problem adjusting Camera Sensitivity and Mouse Smoothing in Settings. Just look for the Mouse/Display section and pick the Control tab.

If the above is not enough for you, there is nothing left to do but wait for a patch from the developers that will correct the previously mentioned issues.

Dawid Lubczynski

Dawid Lubczynski

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Once Human

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