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News video games 10 July 2024, 04:24

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

BioShock 4 Development Speeds Up. Devs Are 'Recruiting Like Mad', but Some Vacancies May Be a Bit Worrying

Production of BioShock 4 is finally gaining momentum. The Cloud Chamber studio responsible for the fourth installment is „recruiting like mad.”.

Source: 2K Games

If you have been following the news about the new installment of the BioShock series in the last few years, you know that the development of the "fourth" installment was very chaotic. It's enough to mention the rumors, according to which the fourth part of the series of well-known FPS games with "daddies" was supposed to be restarted several times. Despite supposedly not being in "development hell" for quite some time, fans may still be worried about the absence of significant updates from Cloud Chamber, the studio behind BioShock 4. However, it seems that the game production is slowly picking up pace.

This is evidenced by the information provided on the official Cloud Chamber website, according to which the studio is currently "recruiting like mad." They are looking for specialists for teams located in San Francisco and Montreal, including experts in artificial intelligence and lighting, level designers, combat system designers, as well as a screenwriter and other programmers. In total, there are almost 30 different positions - which can be a bit worrying, especially since there is even a vacancy for a screenwriter position.

Jeff Spoonhower, the senior cinematic designer at Cloud Chamber, stated that the team is gaining momentum due to the many job offers they have received. So it seems that the studio, after a difficult period of developing BioShock 4 and earlier layoffs, is finally getting back on track. Replenishing its ranks with new employees may lead to the acceleration of work on the long-awaited game.

We can only wait for official news from 2K Games regarding the new BioShock and the first promotional materials. Despite the announcement of the fourth installment in 2019 and the subsequent appearance of many unofficial reports online (including those regarding the setting or protagonist), it's important to approach older information with caution due to the confusion in Cloud Chamber, as it may no longer be accurate.