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News video games 27 September 2023, 13:12

author: Adam Adamczyk

KOTOR 2 Fans Sue Devs for Canceling Free DLC

Gamers have sued Aspyr Media and Saber Interactive for not releasing the promised DLC for KOTOR 2 on Nintendo Switch. The expansion was supposed to bring anticipated content.

Source: Aspyr Media

On June 8, 2022 KOTOR 2 arrived on Nintendo Switch and it was quite an event for fans of Star Wars game fans. It was announced at the time that shortly after its release the game would receive a free DLC, bringing back previously cut content. Unfortunately, the promised expansion was eventually canceled. Exasperated gamers decided to take matters into their own hands and sued the developers.

Gamers are suing the makers of KOTOR 2

Announcement of KOTOR 2 on Nintendo Switch has been warmly received in large part due to the promised DLC that was to bring back cut content. According to some players, this game should only be played in "full" form - on PC this is achievable thanks to the hard work of modders.

Shortly after its release, the Switch version landed at the top of the Nintendo store bestseller list. According to many players, this was influenced by the promised DLC, which, however, fans will not live to see. As a result, an embittered group of customers decided to sue Aspyr Media and publisher Saber Interactive, demanding a refund. Their lawyer, Ray Kim, has already filed the relevant documents to the court, and the defendants have until October 4 to respond to the case.

"In 2022, the defendants advertised KOTOR 2 to Nintendo Switch console users as having never-before officially released "cut content" in the form of a DLC. The plaintiffs (gamers - ed.) felt completely cheated. In fact, the plaintiff had not even played KOTOR 2 after purchasing it, instead opting to wait until the DLC was released."

Interestingly, Aspyr Media offered the affected fans a copy of KOTOR 2 on Steam, where you can enjoy the removed content via mods, or another Star Wars game. Will this solve the problem? We dare to doubt. We will follow developments with curiosity.

Adam Adamczyk

Adam Adamczyk

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