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News video games 13 March 2023, 13:50

author: Adrian Werner

PoE and Diablo Competitor Catches Second Wind on Steam

The popularity of Last Epoch has exploded on Steam. This is thanks to a new patch and the included mode that the players have been waiting for for years.

Eleventh Hour Games has reason to be pleased. In the past few days, the popularity of the hack'n'slash Last Epoch has went through the roof on Steam.

  1. Yesterday, the game set a new activity record of 40,591 people playing simultaneously.
  2. For comparison - the previous record was a little over 6 thousand concurrent players and was set two years ago. This year, the daily records were around 1-2 thousand people.
  3. The reason for the sudden increase in the popularity of the game is update 0.9, released on March 9. The patch finally introduced the multiplayer mode that has been awaited for years..
  4. The update also introduced new maps and items (including armor), improved models of some objects and improved gameplay balance. In addition, previously unknown enemies appeared in the game world.
  5. The excellent reception of patch 0.9 can also be seen in player reviews on Steam. Counting all of them from the day of release in early access - 76% of them praise Last Epoch. On the other hand, considering only those from the last 30 days, the share of positive reviews rises to 85%, and most of them have been issued after the update's release.

Multiplayer is still only available in beta form, but as you can see, this has not prevented its warm reception. Players have been waiting a long time for the addition of this option. After all, Last Epoch debuted in Steam Early Access in April 2019.

For now, the developers are not yet ready to give a planned release date for the full version of the game. However, the fact that the latest update is numbered 0.9 suggests that this should happen soon.

Recall that Last Epoch is available exclusively on PC.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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Last Epoch

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