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News guides 21 February 2024, 11:48

author: Damian Gacek

Last Epoch - Online Play Unavailable Error Explained by Developers

Thousands of players decided to play Last Epoch 1.0. However, many of them are welcomed by Online Play Unavailable error.

Source: Last Epoch, developer: Eleventh Hour Games

Last Epoch is one of the most popular Hack and Slash games. The title was for a long time in early access. However, today is the day of its full release. Thousands of players decided to return to the title or buy it and test new features. However, some of them can’t enjoy the game, as they see “Online Play Unavailable” error. Let’s talk about it.

Last Epoch – Online Play Unavailable Error, Developers Update 1

In the newest update from developers we can read:

Still working to resolve online issues. Playing necromancers trying to rez these container apps. We have leads from all of our service providers in the war room with us helping us diagnose the issue.

Last Epoch – Online Play Unavailable Error, Developers Update 1

We can read in the Steam post that:

150k CCU and the initial burst of volume has our matchmaking services experiencing some issues that we're quickly working to rectify. We're in the war room with our backend team and service providers turning all the dials and knobs as quickly as we can.

We've just deployed Steam launch arguments that will allow people to boot the game in full offline mode when clicking Play from the Steam library. That will require a Steam client restart to access.

We'll be keeping a stream of communication so you guys know the status.

Original News: Last Epoch - Online Play Unavailable Error

If you are one of the people who see “Online Play Unavailable” error, don’t worry. There are many players who experience the same problem. The title is overladed by people right now, and it seems that servers were not prepared for that.

There is not much that can be done. You have to try over and over, and after some time, you should be able to join the game. The other option is to wait a little bit, and check the game later, when the player count will be lower. Of course, you should also check your internet connection to be on the safe side. Of course, you can always play offline mode.

It goes without saying that the above is not the solution. We have to wait for the official announcement from developers. Taking into consideration that the problem is quite serious, they should take some actions rather sooner than later.

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