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News guides 07 April 2023, 15:28

author: Adam Adamczyk

Learn about Supercharged Slots in NMS

Supercharged slots in the NMS enable you to increase the power of certain technologies. You will learn more about them in this guide.

No Man's Sky is expanding all the time, and it's hard to believe that in the past the game was criticized for limited content. Today the game looks great, and each update adds even more. In this guide you will learn what supercharged slots are..

Supercharged slots in NMS

Learn about Supercharged Slots in NMS - picture #1
Supercharged slots in NMS

Supercharged slots increase the power of any technology you put in them. Ship, exosuit, exocraft, freighter and multitool can benefit from this buff. The number of slots depends on, what tier the ship, freighter or multitool has, and it presents itself as follows:

  1. C Tier - 1 slot
  2. B Tier - 2 slots
  3. A Tier - 3 slots
  4. S Tier - 4 slots

The issue of exosuit and exocraft is different. These always have 3 slots.

It is worth noting that placement of supercharged slots is always random and can be noticed by highlighting specific places in the inventory.

How do supercharged slots work?

In such a slot you can place any technology, for example, responsible for dealing damage. Supercharged slots increase its power by up to 25%.. You can also use this mechanic to increase the rate of fire, the range of the ship and much more. So, if you have a supercharged slot unlocked and want one of the technologies to be noticeably enhanced, you should put it right there.

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