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News video games 15 January 2019, 21:08

author: Vergil

LG: PC players are the 'fastest' and Xbox players the 'best'

LG has partnered with Activision and tested players playing on three platforms. Although its goal was to find the "best" group, the issue is a bit more complex than it seems.

Before the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, LG conducted a player survey in cooperation with Activision. More than one thousand and four hundred people playing on PCs, Xboxes and PlayStation were tested to determine the best group of players. According to the Daily Star service, it turns out that although the honourable name was given to xbox players, the PC gamers were much faster than them.

Let's start from the fact that the test itself consisted in clicking on the points that were illuminated in green and after a while changed colour to red. Accuracy, number of hits and boxes, as well as speed were taken into account when evaluating the efficiency of players. It is worth noting that all three groups were tested on the same controller, i.e. keyboard and mouse.

The tests showed that computer gamers can boast an average reaction accuracy at the level of 67.7%, while for Xbox users - 77.1%. The same applies to the percentage of hits - PC gamers' accuracy is 70%, PlayStation owners - 74%, while Xbox users - 78%. For this reason, Microsoft console owners received the highest rating for their actions; while PC players scored 62.2 points, those playing on PlayStation - 71.9 points, and Xbox users received 79.7 points. On the other hand, have a response time. In this category, PCs clearly lead the way, hitting 18% of targets highlighted in green; Xbox users lagging behind can boast 9% of such hits.

LG: PC players are the fastest and Xbox players the best - picture #1
In games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, success ensures both accuracy and responsiveness.

Of course, these revelations should be treated more as a curiosity than as hard evidence of who governs and divides our industry. However, if you are wondering what result you would get in the above mentioned test, you will find it at this address.

  1. Official LG website
  2. Official Activision website
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