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News video games 22 April 2021, 17:44

author: Milosz Piotrowski

Life is Strange: True Colors on New Gameplay

In March we received an official announcement of Life is Strange: True Colours. It turned out that the next installment of the series will tell the story of a girl with supernatural abilities, who will try to solve the mystery surrounding the death of her brother. Now we learned a bit more about the game's graphics.

On the video provided by Deck Nine Games we can see the very beginning of the game when the main character - Alex Chan - talks to a social worker. She answers a series of questions about the upcoming move to the small town of Haven Springs, Colorado. The short material shows that the game's visuals have improved significantly compared to the first installments, developed by Dontnod Entertainment. Alex's face shows even the most subtle emotions, and the players can easily read how the heroine feels at the moment, even when she is silent. The devs used modern technologies such as performance capture to create the game and were able to capture the subtlety of human facial expressions, including eye movements.

For the first time in the Life is Strange series, Deck Nine Games opted to record full-body and facial animations simultaneously with dubbing. Zak Garriss of Deck Nine Games said in a recent interview that the process reminded him of "shooting a TV show". Erika Mori, the actress who plays Alex Chan, also commented on her experience with working on the game. She said that being able to have only one person be responsible for both the character's body, face, and voice, made her performance more authentic and organic.

Life is Strange: True Colors will tell the story of Alex Chan, who has powers that enable her to read and absorb human emotions. The heroine will use her abilities to investigate the mysterious death of her brother, who allegedly died in an accident. During the game, the players will have the opportunity to explore the picturesque Haven Springs and have numerous conversations with the town's inhabitants. Similarly, as in the case of previous installments, the players' choices will be essential to the story, which will have an impact on the development of events. A novelty in the series will be the lack of division into episodes.

"Alex has a supernatural sensitivity to the emotional states of others. And it's not just the ability to read or be aware of other people's emotions. If people around her are feeling rage, or grief, or terror, the emotion overwhelms Alex and she feels it too. It gives her an empathic connection with that person and gives her insight into what's motivating whatever that person might be going through," Garriss said

The game is scheduled for release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X on September 10, 2021. Life is Strange Remastered Collection, a bundle containing refreshed versions of Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm, is also expected to be released on the same day and platforms.

Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors