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News video games 18 June 2021, 20:53

author: Qskan

4-year Old Bug in LoL is Still Making Life of One Champion Difficult

On Reddit, one player noticed that a certain skill, Rumble, from League of Legends has remained bugged for 4 years now. This bug affects the champion's balance in gameplay.

  1. Reddit user Naerlyn posted a video addressing a bug in LoL, which has remained unfixed for 4 years;
  2. It's about champion Rumble, whose passive skill doesn't work as it should, which gives him an advantage in the jungle, but weakens him on the top line.

League of Legends players often pick up various bugs that have escaped Riot Games' attention. This one is no different. User Naerlyn shared his thoughts on Rumble's passive skill glitch on Reddit. The glitch has gone unnoticed since patch 7.12, which was released over 4 years ago.

The description of Rumble's passive skill reads as follows:

"Every spell Rumble casts gives him Heat. When he reaches 50% Heat he reaches Danger Zone, granting all his basic abilities bonus effects. When he reaches 100% Heat, he starts Overheating, gaining bonus Attack Speed and granting his basic attacks bonus damage, but making him unable to cast spells for a few seconds."

The heat generated by this character should drop 4 seconds after using the skill, but as the forum member proved in the video below, the value, instead of the correct 4 seconds, varies between 4.3s. and 5.6s.

What does this mean in practice? In a nutshell, Rumble has more time to use his abilities before his heat starts to drop, enabling him to use his Overheat more often, which deals bonus damage from basic attacks. This is especially useful in the early game in the jungle - it enables us to gain levels faster and more efficiently. On the other hand, it's quite an inconvenience for those who choose to play Rumble in the upper lane - during Overheat we can't use skills, which can cause problems, as the author of the video writes:

"To give a clear example of the bug being detrimental (top lane), one that has happened to me multiple times - I get ganked while being on 80 heat. I want to turn around, but can only use two of my three abilities. So I have to run until my heat drops to 70, at which point I can use Q E W. But instead of having to survive 4s before being able to fight, I have to survive for 4.3 to 5.6 seconds. If I'm only able to live for 5 seconds, then "where the dice lands" will determine whether I get to live and get away with kills, or die (while if it weren't for this issue, I'd always be able to turn around after 4 seconds)," Naerlyn writes.

Rumble's overheating problem will be resolved, but not in the way you might expect - instead of fixing the bug, the developers decided to increase the cooldown of one of the skills enough to prevent the champion from overheating. The change is expected to come in the upcoming patch 11.13.

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