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News video games 18 June 2021, 21:22

Cyberpunk 2077 is Finally Playable on PS4; Players Praise Stable FPS

Update 1.23 for Cyberpunk 2077 has removed some bugs and improved the game's optimization. A particular difference can be seen on PS4. CD Projekt RED's title is finally playable on Sony's console and can return to PlayStation Store.

On June 21, Cyberpunk 2077 will return to PlayStation Store's virtual shelves after being pilled a week after its release. And while Sony continues to warn players about the PS4 version of the title and suggests running it only on PS4 Pro, yesterday's 1.23 update improved the game's performance on the 8th-gen console enough that the community seems satisfied. It's still not perfect and we'll encounter a ton of bugs while playing, but at least Cyberpunk runs at a more or less constant 30 frames per second.

The performance of CD Projekt RED's latest game on PlayStation 4 is shown in the video above. Drops in fps are noticeable - especially when accelerating to high speeds in a car or on a motorbike - but compared to the game's launch condition they're fairly minor, and shouldn't spoil the fun. Unfortunately, not even this much good can be said about Night City - the city has become even emptier than before. In the comments under the video on YouTube and on Reddit, Internet users even compared it to cities under lockdown because of the pandemic.

"Wow, nearly fixed 30fps" (via YouTube - DrLuk53).

"Night City is officially in lockdown! Not a single NPC on the streets" (via YouTube - Jean Michel Silva).

"Holy shit. They did the impossible." (via Reddit - dunstan_shlaes).

"Empty city and something is still off about the visuals. That grainy look. Not as bad as it was though. Playable? It might be.

Last time I tried on ps4 slim framerate was okay but combat was jittery as fuck." (via YouTube - DeadDoveProductions).

If you're planning on returning to Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4, or if you're thinking of picking it up for your console when it deservedly returns to PS Store, be aware of the game's ever-present bugs and glitches. These, and the quests, some of which are still unfixed, are present on every platform. And yes, underneath it all there is at least a good story and some well-written characters. But if you've endured the six months since launch, maybe it's worth waiting a little longer to avoid spoiling the experience? Adam Kicinski, the CEO of CD Projekt, has after all assured us that the team will bring Cyberpunk to the state promised to fans.

Patch 1.23 in a way confirmed the premature debut of the game. Imagine if the title wasn't released on December 10, 2020 on PC, PS4 and XONE (in backward compatibility also on PS5 and XSX|S), but yesterday, in the state to which the update brought it. How different the reception of Cyberpunk would have been in such case.

Hubert Sledziewski

Hubert Sledziewski

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