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News video games 21 April 2022, 15:33

author: Sonia Selerska

Big Beasts Versus Logic in Loot River; Release Date Announced

Ruins, monsters, combat and puzzles. This indie title combines the best elements of action and puzzle strategy games. We learned the release date of Loot River.

A new out-of-the-box challenge is coming. In the latest announcement on Steam has revealed the release date of Loot River. This crazy combination of Tetris and Dark Souls will debut on May 3 this year.

Loot River is a unique game which combines the roguelike genre with logic game elements. This isometric dungeon crawler uses platform mechanics, rearrangement of which ads an interesting variety to combat. Moreover, procedurally generated, winding corridors guarantee many hours of fun.

While traveling through the ruins crawling with enemies, we will undertake a fight for survival. The system of character progression, collecting weapons and using the right strategy will help in achieving success. This is a title in which we will often have to take a step back to avoid a wave of deadly monsters.

Big Beasts Versus Logic in Loot River; Release Date Announced - picture #1
In Loot River, successfully moving platforms will be the key to victory.

Apart from the release date, the creators shared a presentation of the weapons which will be wielded by the game's protagonist. These include a defensive saber, a spear that shortens when taking hits or an axe that allows ranged attacks. In total, we'll use 26 types of weapons and each of them can be strengthened with spells, giving them special effects.

The synergies of items, weapons elements and (not necessarily) deadly poison are also discussed. The video shows a very dynamic gameplay, which will require extremely fast thinking.

In less than two weeks we'll get a chance to experience this unusual combination of genres in person in Loot River. Are you fans of such formulas, or do you think that combat and puzzles have their separate places in the gaming industry?

Loot River

Loot River

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