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News video games 16 November 2023, 07:16

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Mass Effect: Andromeda Director Wants to Revolutionize Narrative Games With New Studio

Worlds Untold is a new studio on the gamedev map. The team, established by NetEase Games, is headed by BioWare veteran Mac Walters.

Source: Electronic Arts

Like in nature, where nothing dies, the same is true in the game industry. While some studios are winding down their operations, others are just beginning to take their first steps in the market. Among the latter was Worlds Untold, established by NetEase Games.

Although the company itself is completely fresh, the team is made up of seasoned developers. Team members include sound director Sotaro Tojima (Metal Gear Solid 4), production chief Elizabeth Lehtonen (Dragon Age: Inquisition), art chief Ramil Sunga (Mass Effect: Andromeda) and chief technology officer Benjamin Goldstein (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag). In turn they are headed by the screenwriter of the first installments of Mass Effect and director of Andromeda, Mac Walters.

As for Worlds Untold's plans, it is known that the company, based in Vancouver, Canada wants to revolutionize the segment of narrative-based games. It sounds ambitious and the first steps in realizing the goals are said to have already been made. The developers are working on an action adventure game, the action of which is set in the near future.

"We create amazing and meaningful stories, which we believe are best told and experienced through gameplay. We start by creating worlds that we all dream of exploring, and then put the player in the role of the main character of the most unforgettable adventures," explained Walters (via VentureBeat).

Of course, words alone - although they sound very beautiful - are not enough. So there is nothing left for us to do but to be patient and hope that Worlds Untold manages to deliver on the above announcements.

Kamil Kleszyk

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