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News video games 25 January 2023, 13:26

author: Agnes Adamus

Metro Like STALKER? 4A Released Powerful Modding Tools

4A Games has released modding tools for Metro Exodus. The editor will enable interested parties to modify the title almost unlimitedly.

Studio 4A Games decided to surprise the fans of Metro Exodus and released extensive modding tools for the game. Exodus SDK, as the software is called, is expected to enable the fans to use the game engine to create impressive projects.

According to information provided by the developers, the tools are very advanced. In fact, they include everything that the devs used when working on Metro Exodus. So it is easy to deduce that it will be possible to create complex modifications, theoretically no worse than official DLCs to the game. In the right hands this editor will allow for the creation of new scenarios or locations.

Access to the tools is available to any owner of Metro Exodus and Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition. Modifications can be run from the game's executable file.

The developers have also released a manual that enables potential modders to familiarize themselves with the editor. If you are interested, you can find them here.

So it looks like in the future we will get interesting projects based on Metro Exodus. Who knows, maybe thanks to this, the work of 4A Games will follow in the footsteps of the STALKER series, which has been kept alive for several years by a very active modding community? You have to admit that it would be interesting to see projects on the scale of Anomaly to Call of Pripyat.

Nevertheless, the development of the Metro series does not rest solely in the hands of fans. 4A Games has already been working on the fourth installment for several years, although the work is hampered by the ongoing war in Ukraine - you can read more about it in our other news.

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Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus

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