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Metro Exodus Guide

Metro Exodus Guide

Brave Nuke World The guide to Metro Exodus is a compendium of knowledge about this post-apocalyptic shooter game. Here you will find an exact walkthrough, a description of all available side quests and a full list of achievements.

Last update: 25 January 2022

The guide to Metro Exodus uncovers all the secrets of the game by 4A Games. In our guide, you will find practical tips, information and hints that will help you to get to know the mechanics and complete 100% of the game. The tutorial mainly consists of a very detailed walkthrough of the game, which explains exactly how to score the next objectives of the mission, how to sneak properly, and how to deal effectively with monsters. In the solution, we explain important choices that can affect the course of the gameplay and the ending. You will learn how to unlock all endings and how to make all the crew members survive.

In the game guide to Metro Exodus, we dedicated a lot of attention to collectibles. The collectibles section contains high-quality maps along with information on the location of all the secrets, which include hideouts, workshops, diaries, postcards, improvements and places of interest.

Another important chapter of the guide is the FAQ, or frequently asked questions. You'll learn answers to questions like how does the system of morality in the game work, can the main character die how to save all characters, how to get mask filters how to clean guns, how to open a locked door, or how to change the time of day. Then, we also have the game guide, in which, in addition to the extensive tips for beginners, you will also find separate pages about the battles and weapons available in the game.

The guide is complemented by smaller pages and chapters, among which you will find a trophy guide, system requirements , or the page about the length of Metro Exodus.

In addition to pages related to the main campaign of Metro Exodus, this guide also contains separate chapters on the two story expansions- The Two Colonels and Sam's Story. For each of these expansions, we have prepared a walkthrough, information about additional collectibles, and tips on how to get DLC achievements.

Metro Exodus: Tips for beginners

In general, try to avoid combat. Staying realistic about the point in getting dragged into a fight is important as it allows you to save the very limited provisions and also your life. You should only decide to rid an area of enemies if the location is suitable for looting.

Some characters may die. Make sure to follow our walkthrough closely, and also to sneak as much as possible. This will increase the chances that the given ally will reach the end of the adventure alive.

The system of "invisible karma" returns in Exodus. In short, it works by awarding positive or negative points for specific actions. For example, if you do not want to get bad karma, avoid killing opponents who have voluntarily surrendered.

Clean your weapons regularly. Weapons in poor condition perform badly. You can clean weapons in workshops found in the game world.

Some tasks are easier to complete at a certain time of the day. The game allows you to wait and, for example, sneak into a given location after dark, when avoiding detection might be a lot easier.

Exploration of the map can lead to many valuable discoveries. You can not only find various collectibles, but also supplies and items that will be useful for improving equipment. This may be particularly relevant on higher levels of difficulty, where the problem of shortages in provisions and ammo is more acute.

Sniper weapons come in handy on open maps. Some locations in the game world are quite large, which is a start contrast to the suffocating, sealed locations from previous games. Thanks to the sniper rifle, you will be able to effectively get rid of distant targets.

More detailed tips and tricks, as well as tips on subjects other than those listed above, are available at Tips for beginners.

Metro Exodus: Walkthrough - main campaign

Below is list of all main and side missions of the basic campaign of the game Metro Exodus. Our walkthrough is divided according to the locations visited during the game. It is worth noting here that the game does not allow you to return to previous locations. If you want a complete approach, try to examine 100% of every site you visit once you arrive there.


  1. Visit Sewers
  2. A journey with Anna through the city
  3. Inside the enemy base
  4. Hostile Train


  1. Aurora


  1. First steps
  2. Escaping the Church
  3. Looking for Krest
  4. Rescuing Anna
  5. Hangar with a big fish
  6. A trip for the car
  7. Theft of boats in port
  8. Cultists' Base


  1. Visiting the bunker

The Caspian Sea

  1. Searching for a car
  2. The old lighthouse
  3. Getting satellite maps
  4. Getting the water
  5. Firefight in the camp
  6. The Baron's Fortress


  1. Aurora


  1. First contact with the locals
  2. Pioneers' village
  3. Bandits' camp and cemetery
  4. Stealing a boat and the Admiral
  5. The path to the dam and Alyosha


  1. Aurora

The Dead City

  1. Way to the Metro
  2. Walk through the metro
  3. Kirill and expedition for medicine
  4. The boat crossing
  5. Hallucinations and blind beasts

Main campaign - side missions

  1. Volga
  2. The Caspian Sea

Metro Exodus: Walkthrough - story DLCs

Below, you can dinf a walkthrough of the two DLCs to Metro Exodus - The Two Colonels and Sam's Story. You can purchase them separately or as part of The Complete Edition or The Golden Edition (also available on PS5 and Xbox Series X) that includes the core game.

DLC 1 - The Two Colonels

  1. Going through tunnels
  2. Celebrating the New Year
  3. Going after the map and blind monsters

Story Expansion 2 - Sam's Story

  1. How to get the good ending?
  2. Prologue
  3. Searching for the Captain
  4. Visiting the Captain's apartment
  5. Getting a diving suit
  6. Tunnels and getting fuel
  7. Final battle on the ship
  8. How do I get the Cinephile trophy?

Metro Exodus: all collectibles

In Metro Exodus, there many different varieties of collectibles. We sorted them by type and described all the subsequent locations. The sections concerning the maps that you can discover also contain high-quality images of maps of the open locations, which will make completing 100% of the game easier.

Safe houses and workshops

  1. Volga
  2. Caspian Sea
  3. Taiga

Diaries and postcards

  1. Moscow
  2. Volga
  3. Spring and Yamantau
  4. Caspian Sea
  5. Taiga and Summerv
  6. Autumn and the Dead City

Improvements and places of interest

  1. Volga
  2. Caspian Sea

Collectibles - The Two Colonels DLC

  1. Notes

Collectibles - Sam's Story DLC

  1. Harmonica melodies
  2. Diary notes
  3. Night Stashes

Metro Exodus: Endings and important decisions

Metro Exodus has some important choices, and some of them are not obvious and can easily be missed out on. There are sections of our guide that will let you unlock the good and bad ending of the game, as well as tell you how to save everyone from the crew.

  1. How to get good / bad ending?
  2. Will Artyom die in Metro Exodus?
  3. How to make everyone survive?
  4. How to save Alyosha's life?- this character is related to an important choice in the Taiga, and to the relations with with the locals there
  5. How to save Damir's life?- this character is related to an important choice about the slaves at the Caspian Sea
  6. How to save Duke's life?- this character is related to an important choice about the zealots and merchants in Volga.

Metro Exodus: FAQ

The FAQ section of our guide brings answers to frequently asked questions. These are related to upgrades, taking care of the equipment, atypical mechanics, or correct exploration.

  1. How do the morality system work?
  2. How to find the real Baron?
  3. Will the game have Denuvo?
  4. Is there a Fast Travel system in the game?
  5. Can I return to previous locations?
  6. How to check the objectives?
  7. How to defend yourself in a boat?
  8. What are the differences in difficulty levels?
  9. What is the number in the lower right corner?
  10. How to change the time of day?
  11. How do I open locked doors?
  12. How to find a teddy bear for the girl?
  13. How to find a guitar?
  14. How to find the battery charge controller?

Metro Exodus: Length

Metro Exodus offers more content than its predecessors. Completing the main thread of the game should take at least 15 hours. The game time can be significantly extended if you do optional exploration, search for finds, complete side quests, win trophies, and then complete two fairly extensive DLCs.

For more information about the total time of the game, see the page Game length.

Metro Exodus: Trophies and platinum

In Metro Exodus, you can unlock from 50 to 69 trophies depending on having access to the DLC expansions that add new achievements to the main campaign (which come as part of The Complete Edition also available on PS5 and Xbox series X). In our trophy guide, we described how to unlock all the trophies and achievements in detail. You will also learn how difficult it is to get the platinum trophy in Metro Exodus.

  1. Trophies / Achievements
  2. The Angler Trophy
  3. The Two Colonels achievements
  4. Sam's Story achievemetns
  5. DLC achievemetn Cinephile

Metro Exodus: PC system requirements

  1. Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 3.1 GHz
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. GPU: 2 GB GeForce GTX 670 / Radeon HD 7870
  4. OS: 64-bit Windows 7 / Windows 10
  5. Disk space: 59 GB

More information about the requirements of Metro Exodus, including ultra settings specs, as well as support for ray tracing, you will find on the System requirements page.

Metro Exodus on Steam

Metro Exodus in the PC version was first sold exclusively on Epic Games Store, but from 15 February 2020 it's also available on Steam.

Metro Exodus i salso available on consoles:

  1. PS4 and Xbox One - from 15 Feb 2019
  2. PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X - from 18 June 2021- it's The Complete Edition, which includes two expansions that also bring graphical improvements (such as ray tracing).

About Metro Exodus Guide

Author : Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras & Grzegorz "Alban3k" Misztal for

Translator : Jakub "Yossarian" Nowak

Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Metro Exodus Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: 4A Games
  • publisher: Deep Silver / Koch Media
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE

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