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News video games 21 June 2021, 18:15

author: Adrian Werner

Might & Magic X Broken Because Ubisoft Shut Down DRM Servers

Ubisoft's shutdown of Might & Magic X: Legacy's servers broke the entire game, even though it's a single-player RPG. Fans have already found a way around this problem.

Ubisoft had an unpleasant surprise for the players. Publisher turned off the servers that support Might & Magic X: Legacy what ended up pretty much breaking the game. This is a single-player RPG, but it has a DRM system that makes it impossible to continue playing after completing the first act of the campaign without checking in online to verify if we're using a legal copy of the game. One of the bridges in the game world is also closed.

The DLCs also use this anti-piracy protection, so officially access to them is blocked. Players were further appalled by the fact that Ubisoft continues to sell both the base game and the add-ons.

The rescue, as usual, came from the fans. They quickly came up with a way to work around the problems caused by the shutdown of servers. We explain how to do it in the section at the end of this message.

The resource fulness of fans cannot be an excuse for Ubisoft, however. Might & Magic X: Legacy is a single-player game, so there's no reason for it to stop working when the servers are shut down. The changes to the files that fix this are small, so it's all the more difficult to understand why the publisher hasn't made them themselves, let alone why they continue to sell a game that no longer works.

Might & Magic X: Legacy's servers went down on June 1 of this year. The fact that only now players have discovered the problems shows how few people are still playing the game, but that doesn't excuse the company. It remains to be hoped that Ubisoft will release an official update soon that will fix these issues. Until then, fans must rely on the method below.

How to fix Might & Magic X: Legacy?

This requires modifying two files. The first is "LevDialog.xml", located in "... Might and Magic X Legacy\Might and Magic X\ Legacy_Data\StreamingAssets\Dialog\".

Remove the following section from the file (it us repeated four times, you need to remove all entries):

Might & Magic X Broken Because Ubisoft Shut Down DRM Servers - picture #1

The second file is "theworld.xml", which you will find under "... Might and Magic X Legacy\Might and Magic X\ Legacy_Data\StreamingAssets\Maps\". You need to find the following snippet in it:

Might & Magic X Broken Because Ubisoft Shut Down DRM Servers - picture #2

Change "BLOCKED" to "PASSABLE" in it.

Might & Magic X: Legacy

Might & Magic X: Legacy

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