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News video games 20 July 2020, 14:05

author: Bart Swiatek

Minecraft - Mystery of Title Screen Finally Solved

Members of [email protected], a research group that solves various mysteries related to Minecraft, have found the so-called seed from which the original title screen of Mojang Studios' game comes.

This panorama is no longer a mystery.


  1. Members of the [email protected] research group found the seed used in Minecraft's original title screen;
  2. The search used the BOINC platform, which made it possible to use the computing power of the computers of all the people involved in the project for this purpose;
  3. The title screen in question was present in Minecraft from the very beginning and was changed in July 2018, along with patch 1.13.

Several Minecraft players - members of the [email protected] group on Discord - managed to solve a mystery that had been bugging the game's community for years. The mystery: what seed was used to created the game's original title screen.

The world seed was found after over a month of searching. The team members (former Eearthcomputer, Cortex, Neil, DutChen18, MC PseudoGravity, Philipp_DE and Tolacko) used most of this time for research and developed the necessary tools (a special terrain search program was written).

A key moment was the use of the BOINC platform, which allowed members of [email protected] to combine the computing power of their computers for this task. With this tool, they were able to complete the necessary calculations in less than 24 hours, a single machine would need for it 54.5 days. To get to the exact point where the camera is placed in the menu, just use the data below.


Beta 1.7.3


X=61.48~, Y=75, Z=-68.73~


2151901553968352745 or 8091867987493326313

The moment of the presentation of the discovered Panorama Seed was captured on a video recorded by one of the group members (below). The researchers are currently working on another project to find the highest cactus in Mojang Studios' game.

Minecraft was released in November 2011, and the title screen in question appeared for the first time in beta 1.8 version of the game - even before its official release. This panorama welcomed players logging into the title for many years. It was only changed with the 1.13 update (in July 2018).

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