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News Files and Mods 29 May 2022, 21:49

author: Adrian Werner

Mod Introduces Full Coop Campaign to Elden Ring

The Seamless Co-op project has debuted, an impressive modification that introduces a full-scale co-op mode to Elden Ring, enabling us to complete the entire game with our companions, without the restrictions imposed by FromSoftware.

Fans of FromSoftware constantly surprise us with their creativity. The latest example of this has become a mod that introduces a full-fledged co-op mode to Elden Ring enabling us play the whole game in a team of players, starting from the tutorial up to the campaign's finale.

The project is called Seamless Co-op and it was created by LukeYui. Elden Ring offers standard cooperative gameplay, but it is very limited. In practice it comes down to summoning companions for temporary help. This modification removes all of these limits. For example, clearing an area of enemies does not send away the companions, and all multiplayer zone barriers have been removed. Players can explore the entire map together or split up.

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The mod is still in beta, so not everything is fully polished yet, but the project impresses with its performance even as it is. The author has carefully considered the changes in gameplay, so that his project gives the impression of an official co-op mode.

The nature of the modifications prevents invasions of hostile players, so in order to maintain an appropriately high level of difficulty, the creator has modified gameplay, reworked the balance of many elements and strengthened enemies.

Even the technical side is impressive. The mod independently disables the anti-cheat system and blocks access to official matchmaking servers, so that we are not in danger of being banned. At the same time, the modification still uses Steam's network infrastructure. There is even a separate system of saving game states, only for co-op characters.

The fans clearly liked this mod. On Reddit players are praising the project and many insist that such co-op should have been present in Elden Ring from the beginning.

Interestingly, this type of discussion takes place on other forums than the main Elden Ring subreddit, because local moderators have banned discussions about modifications.

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Adrian Werner

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