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News video games 05 July 2024, 03:09

author: Martin Bukowski

Players Rated Latest Elden Ring Update. One of Fixes Took Them by Surprise

The latest update to Elden Ring revealed a bug that caused enemies to regenerate health. By the way, one dataminer referred to the developers' surprising advice.

Source: FromSoftware

Yesterday's update to Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree not only made balance changes but also fixed a few bugs, one of which particularly caught the attention of players. Some of them had previously observed that during boss fights, the bosses would start healing at some point, and the patch description finally clarified the reason for this.

Ashes make the game harder, after all

The blame rested on one of the legendary spirits we summon using Ashes - Black Knife Tiche. She has a unique ability that reduces the opponent's maximum health, but as it turned out, it also had another effect. According to the patch notes, when the ability stopped working, enemies began to heal. As we can easily guess, in the case of a game that focuses on challenging fights, this can be incredibly irritating.

I thought I would go crazy, using Tiche on some bosses. I blinked, and they suddenly had more health.

So I didn't go crazy, Tiche really did heal enemies!

Fortunately, the issue has been resolved, so feel free to use Tiche without any concerns.

The devs' advice not quite helpful

In the patch description, the developers also recommended PS5 owners to use the "Rebuild Database" option as a potential solution for game performance issues. According to Sony, it is used when "the PS5 console isn't launching properly or is experiencing storage database issues."

According to Lance McDonald, a PlayStation dataminer, this feature "has absolutely no way to affect gameplay performance at all." He compared it to calling an internet provider about a slow connection and being advised to delete cookies. So the question arises, why did the developers even propose this?

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