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News video games 01 July 2024, 05:46

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Even Let Me Solo Her Had Problem With Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree's Final Boss

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree gives even souls veterans a blast. However, Let Me Solo Her by no means complains about the difficulty level, despite spending 3 hours fighting the final boss.

Source: Let Me Solo Him / Elden Ring / FromSoftware / Bandai Namco.

The Elden Ring expansion drew in hordes of wanderers to the Lands Between, but it also proved to be quite challenging for players. Even the famous Let Me Solo Her had to ask for help to fight the final boss of Shadow of the Erdtree.

The Internet user, who became one of the most recognizable memes of FromSoftware's hit, recently returned to Elden Ring from retirement: with a new mission, symbolized by changing his in-game nickname to "Let Me Solo Him." This referred to one of the problematic DLC bosses that the legendary warrior faces in other players' worlds.

Let Them Solo Him: Let Us Solo Them

However, even Let Me Solo Her / Him didn't have an easy time with another boss, who tops off the story of Shadow of the Erdtree (via X). Even after two hours of stream on YouTube, he failed to defeat this opponent.

Some players requested the streamer to let other players repay his assistance in the DLC and to enable them to support him in battle (or, as humorously phrased by a certain internet user, "Let Us Solo Them"). Or even summon one of his imitators: "Let Me Tank Him" (via X).

Only yesterday, during a more than an hour-long stream, he managed to overcome the last obstacle. This necessitated certain "sacrifices:" The internet user had to forgo their iconic appearance (refreshed for the extension) and don heavy armor while arming himself with a shield.

Despite this, Let Me Solo Her / Him hesitated to acknowledge the final boss Shadow of the Erdtree as being more difficult than the infamous sword master from the base game. While this opponent is "aggressive," none of his attacks compares to the terror of the infamous "dance" that made fans angry in Elden Ring two years ago.

Difficult, but in a good way

The final boss was by no means the only problem in the path of the legendary warrior. In an interview for GamesRadar, Let Me Solo Her/Him admitted that he followed his own advice and enlisted the help of other players, summoning them to fight the first few bosses.

Nevertheless, Let Me Solo Her/Him by no means thinks that Shadow of the Erdtree is too difficult, agreeing with the opinion of thousands of people. The Internet user asked other players about this and 37,000 users of X responded.

75% of them stated that yes, DLC is difficult, but in a "good sense of the word." The streamer himself is thrilled with the final fight, despite the time it took him to deal with this boss. He's already indicating that he will attempt to confront this enemy without getting hit even once.

Let Me Solo Her / Him is by no means the first person defending the high level of difficulty of the DLC. Many fans pointed out that this is a typical addition to FromSoftware games (read: significantly harder than the base title), but despite everything, the gameplay remains fair (perhaps excluding certain hitboxes). Among others, Johan Pilestedt (Helldivers 2) and Kai Cenat (who had his own issues with the final boss) echoed their sentiments.

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