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News video games 11 January 2024, 05:54

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

New Dragon's Dogma 2 Video Presents Character Class for Creative Players

One of the character classes available in Dragon's Dogma 2 is expected to be highly original. A new video takes a closer look at the skills of the Trickster, whom creative players will love.

Source: Capcom

In the upcoming Dragon's Dogma II, the player will be able to choose between different vocations, or character classes. Capcom has already introduced several of them - including: warrior, thief, fighter and wizard - as well as some advanced vocations, such as the combination of a mage and an archer. However, more original classes will also be present in the game.

One of them is supposed to be the Trickster. This extremely interesting character class was presented in a five-minute video, published exclusively by IGN (below).

Trickster is a support class that can, among other things, enhance the attacks of the rest of the team. Such a character does not deal high damage, but its strength does not lie solely in providing bonuses to others. As the name Trickster suggests, he uses various tricks to deceive enemies.

While playing this class, we can summon our own clone, which will lure nearby enemies. In addition to this, we have other skills at our disposal, including creating a smoky floor and wall - enemies will take them for real - and a glowing projection, next to which it is possible to summon a copy of ourselves.

Trickster's techniques can be creatively combined in combat, giving the player an additional advantage. As shown in the video above, after placing a cloud over a cliff, sending a projection there, and then summoning a clone next to it, nearby enemies throw themselves off the cliff. The trick seems satisfying, but it requires considerable effort and creativity, prior analysis of the situation, as well as knowledge of the skills available for the discussed character class.

Finally, let us remind that Dragon's Dogma 2 will debut on March 22 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles and PC.

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