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News video games 07 December 2023, 19:46

New Game From No Man's Sky Devs Will Have Us Fly Dragons Around a Huge Procedural World

Hello Games has presented its new project to the world. Light No Fire will take us to a vast, fantasy world, which we will traverse on the backs of winged creatures.

Source: Hello Games / YouTube

At this year's The Game Awards there was no shortage of Hello Games, which announced its latest project. We are talking about the game that has been in development for five years - Light No Fire - and which lived to see an eye-pleasing trailer showing some gameplay.

Unlike No Man's Sky, in Light No Fire we do not get the entire galaxy at our disposal. Instead the developers decided to seemingly reduce the scale and put in our hands a single planet. Why only seemingly? Well, because the planet is to be rendered in 1:1 scale, and on its surface we will find a variety of lands crossed by rivers and mountains that are to be of real size. The soaring peaks are really supposed to be peaks whose height will be measured in kilometers, not hills that can be climbed in a matter of minutes. The whole thing will be procedurally generated, although after 10 years since the release of Hello Games' previous work, it's safe to assume that the developers have mastered this technology well enough that the game world will look.... well, good.

Compared to No Man's Sky the described title will also stand out thanks to the universe, because this time the devs will take us to a fantasy world. We will traverse it both on foot and on the backs of winged creatures. The whole thing will be maintained in a colorful style pleasant to the eye.

On a side note, it is worth noting that the announcement of a new project does not mean the end of work on the development of No Man's Sky, which is expected to get new content next year.

Christian Pieniazek

Christian Pieniazek

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Light No Fire

Light No Fire