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News video games 06 November 2022, 16:23

author: Damian Gacek

New World - Studded Warrior Apparel Set; Twitch drops explained

There is currently an event called Return to Aeternum in New World. Thanks to it, you can get drops for the game by watching various streamers on Twitch. On this page we will tell you how to get the Studded Warrior Set and other drops.

New World players can take part in the Return to Aeternum event. Thanks to it, you can get various drops that will be available to you in the game. In order to do this you have to watch a bit of Twitch. In this article we will tell you what to do to get the Studded Warrior Apparel Set.

Rules of Return to Aeternum

There are 4 teams participating in Return to Aeternum. The task of each team is to unlock 4 tiers of Twitch drops. They will do this by completing 6 of 8 objectives per tier.

List of teams and their captains (and links to their Twitch channels):

  1. Trees Company (Smashley, Towelliee, KingGothalion);
  2. The Bald and the Beautiful (Asmogold, Xaryu, Redbyrd);
  3. Knights of the Coconut (Dhalucard, Tonton, The P4wnyhof);
  4. Shifting Sands (YoDa, Rakin, Jhoolna).

If you are interested in what exactly the players have to do and what tier they are currently at, you can visit the official website, a link to it can be found here. The event will end on November 18.

How to get Studded Warrior Apparel Set and other drops?

  1. First of all, you need to connect New World on Steam and Twitch and activate the drops. You can do it at this link.
  2. Then you need to start watching the broadcast of any of the streamers who are taking part in the event (of course, while they are playing New World).
  3. Make sure, however, that the team to which the streamer belongs has already unlocked the drop that interests you.
  4. Be patient.

Drops to unlock

List of drops to unlock in the event:

  1. Desert Traveler’s Set (1 Desert Traveler’s Chest and 4 weapons of Mars);
  2. Studded Warrior Apparel Set (Skin and 4 weapons of Mars);
  3. Baalphazu’s Hideaway Camp Set (Skin and 5 weapons of Mars);
  4. Lone Gladiator Apparel Set (Skin and 4 weapons of Mars).

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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