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Escape from Tarkov Still Leads Among Twitch Games

Paul Wozniak, 03 February 2020, 13:27

Despite the end of the advertisement campaign of Escape from Tarkov on Twitch, the game is still among the most popular titles on the platform. In January, it was the third most popular category and recorded a two-percent increase.

Ninja Allegedly got 20-30 Million Dollars for Going to Mixer

Bart Swiatek, 28 January 2020, 18:03

CNN reports that the popular streamer Tyler Blevins (Ninja) received 20-30 million dollars from Microsoft for abandoning Twitch in facor of Microsoft's Mixer. It's supposedly the biggest contract of its kind ever offered to a streamer.

Escape from Tarkov's Records Popularity Explosion on Twitch

Darius Matusiak, 02 January 2020, 12:27

Escape from Tarkov is now more likely to be viewed on Twitch than League of Legends or Fortnite. But there's a reason for that.

Most Popular Streamers of 2019

Laty, 20 December 2019, 14:01

At the end of the year it's time to look at the year's most popular streamers. The list includes Ninja, Tfue and Shroud, which is hardly a big surprise.

Exclusive Twitch Deals; Platform Fights for Streamers

Jacob Blazewicz, 11 December 2019, 23:32

Twitch has signed exclusivity agreements with three well-known streamers. Unofficial information suggests that DrLupo, Lirik, and TimTheTatma will receive millions of dollars each year in exchange for remaining on Amazon's website.

League of Legends Regains Leader Position on Twitch

Adrian Werner, 02 December 2019, 10:40

Riot Games has reasons to be satisfied. League of Legends has been the most watched production on Twitch in the last 365 days. The game managed to defeat its main rival, Fortnite.

Also King Gothalion Abandons Twitch for Mixer

Bart Swiatek, 28 October 2019, 10:42

Cory „King Gothalion” Michael, the organizer of the GuardianCon Convention, known to the fans of Destiny, informed that from tomorrow he will be streaming exclusively for Mixer. It's another popular streamer that abandoned Twitch in favour of Microsoft's platform.

Another Twitch Star - Shroud - Joins Ninja on Mixer

Laty, 25 October 2019, 10:53

Shroud leaves Amazon's streaming service for Mixer, Microsoft's platform, and only there will he carry out his streams. The first broadcast on the new channel will take place today.

Dr. DisRespect - Streaming Pays Off More Than Working on Call of Duty

Paul Wozniak, 23 October 2019, 13:02

One of the most popular streamers, Dr. DisRespect, told us why it doesn't pay off to return being a gamedev. The reason is trivially simple - earnings. Tens of thousands of dollars in payouts for working on Call from Duty: Advanced Warfare is ridiculously small compared to average current streamer income.

Borderlands 3 Ratings on Twitch Dropped by More Than 90%

Konrad Serafinski, 05 October 2019, 20:53

It seems that the initial huge interest in Borderlands 3 has dropped dramatically. There's not much left of the record-breaking Twitch ratings from the day of the release. Are players bored with the shooter from Gearbox?

Ninja vs. Twitch - Streamer's Old Channel Used to Promote Porn

Paul Wozniak, 12 August 2019, 14:13

Ninjy's old Twitch profile was used to promote the most popular live streams. Unfortunately, latest night a channel broadcasting pornographic content was very popular and thus appeared in the proposals on the streamer's website.

Ninja Scores Successful Debut on Mixer

Adrian Werner, 05 August 2019, 15:58

Ninja has reasons to be satisfied. His first day on Mixer proved to be very successful and the stream was more popular than his latest Twitch broadcasts.

Unofficial: Ninja Got $50 Million for Abandoning Twitch

Konrad Serafinski, 04 August 2019, 20:21

Tom Warren, editor of The Verge, announced through Twitter that Microsoft had paid around $50 million to a streamer about the Ninja nickname for switching from Twitch to Mixer. However, these are not official reports.

Ninja Leaves Twitch for Microsoft's Mixer

Adrian Werner, 02 August 2019, 12:17

Ninja, Twitch's biggest star, has been bought by Microsoft and will now be streaming exclusively to Mixer.

A Way Out and Detroit Devs: Twitch and YouTube Do Help Sell Games

Milosz Szubert, 16 July 2019, 15:46

David Cage of Quantic Dream and Josef Fares of Hazelight Studios noticed that streams and gameplays showing complete playthrough of Detroit: Become Human and A Way Out actually helped them sell more copies. Players are looking for unique experiences.

Twitch Loses Popularity, but Remains the King of Streaming Platforms

Jacob Blazewicz, 15 July 2019, 23:49

Streamlabs has published a report on the health of game streaming platforms. Twitch remained the undisputed market leader in the second quarter, but fared off slightly worse than in the previous months.

League of Legends Dethrones Fortnite on Twitch

Julia Dragovic, 09 July 2019, 11:35

Fewer and fewer people are watching Fortnite games on Twitch, while League of Legends is getting more and more views. LoL has just become the most popular game of the first half of 2019 on this platform.

Death Stranding Stream is On; Release Date Leaked

Milosz Szubert, 29 May 2019, 16:35

A live broadcast has started on the official PlayStation Twitch channel, which should be crowned with a new trailer of Death Stranding, i.e. the latest project of Hideo Kojima. More than 90,000 people are watching it.

Best Streamers Earn Over $50,000 per Hour

Bart Swiatek, 21 May 2019, 15:24

The Wall Street Journal took a closer look at the earnings of the most popular streamers. Some of them are able to earn more than $50,000 for an hour of playing a new production.

GTA 5 Renaissance On Twitch Due To RP Mods And NoPixel Server

Adrian Werner, 03 May 2019, 01:39

March was a great success for the Grand Theft Auto V on Twitch. The popularity of the game has exploded, and this is due to the servers with GTA 5 RP mods, especially NoPixel.

Borderlands 3 Without Pay-To-Win Micropayments

Bart Swiatek, 02 May 2019, 12:12

During the stream with the first gameplay from the long-awaited production of Gearbox Software's studio - Borderlands 3, developers informed that we will not be able to buy items for real money that may give any advantage in the game to players.

Thousands Watched a Live Concert in GTA 5

Michael Kulakowski, 12 April 2019, 22:43

Thousands of players witnessed a concert in Grand Theft Auto V, organized by a Twitch streamer known as MikeTheBard. The author of the event sang many classical songs live to guitar accompaniment.

Millions of Ninja's Subscriptions are Doubles

Frozen, 21 February 2019, 14:56

A recent survey shows that a large part of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins' audience consists of people, who subscribe his channel on multiple sites. This means that streamer's reach is in fact considerably smaller than assumed.

Apex Legends Dethrones Fortnite on Twitch

Adrian Werner, 11 February 2019, 11:59

Apex Legends has conquered Twitch, leaving Fortnite far behind and choking on dust.

Streamer gets $75,000 during a Fortnite broadcast

Adrian Werner, 14 January 2019, 14:21

During a recent broadcast on Twitch, a Fortnite streamer received $75,000, which is a record sum in the history of the site.