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News video games 22 November 2021, 15:15

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

New World With Higher Difficulty Level; Players Unhappy

The latest update for New World has definitely increased the difficulty level. However, players don't like the way the changes were introduced.

  • New World has received a major update that has increased the difficulty level;
  • Many players are unhappy with the change;
  • It is said to have made the battles too tedious.

A few days ago New World received an update called Into the Void. It introduced to the game a large amount of new content and changes. Apparently, they also affected the difficulty level, which was significantly increased. The players did not like the way this was done. Many of them were also surprised, because such a change had not been announced before.

The developers had to respond to the growing number of comments from users. Yesterday they posted a message on New World's forums, in which the reasons behind the controversial change were explained. It turns out that the developers wanted to make getting new equipment, as well as the gameplay itself in the end game more challenging for more experienced players. Tho latter, however, are not happy with this change.

More and more comments on the update appear, among others on Reddit. The community has several reasons to complain. Some simply feel aggrieved by the decision of the developers. Players who previously reached a high level had the opportunity to acquire valuable items at a much lower cost than those who reach this stage only now. In addition, the way in which the devs increased the difficulty level is criticized as "lazy".

Many players have found that drastically increasing the amount of HP available to their opponents does not make battles more challenging. Instead, they simply become boring and tedious. Fights continue as before, but require much more time and the rewards associated with them are said to be too low to reward the effort spent on the game.

One can only hope that these voices reach the developers at Amazon Games. Perhaps they will convince the team to make further changes in the area of difficulty or even the reward system. For now, however, a lot of tedious battles await the players.

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