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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl: An Unforgiving Experience: Hands-On Impressions from Summer Game Fest

Matt Buckley, 13 June 2024, 04:35

After seventeen years since the original, Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl is finally set to arrive this Fall. Speaking from hands-on experience at Summer Game Fest, it’s going to be brutal.

Astro Bot is Pure Joy: Hands-On Impressions from Summer Game Fest

Matt Buckley, 12 June 2024, 09:01

Astro Bot, the upcoming 3D platformer staring an adorable robot, was an absolute blast to try out at Summer Game Fest. Here are my hands-on impressions.

Path of Exile 2: Difficult and Violent: Hands-On Impressions from Summer Game Fest

Matt Buckley, 12 June 2024, 00:40

Whether you’re a fan of the original or just action RPGs in general, Path of Exile 2 promises a dark and dangerous experience. You’ve been warned.

Hyper Light Breaker: A Worthy Successor? Hands-On Impressions from Summer Game Fest

Matt Buckley, 11 June 2024, 12:58

After playing the highly anticipated action rogue-like Hyper Light Breaker at Summer Game Fest, I am happy to report that it was easily a highlight of the show.

Everyone's Waiting for Frostpunk 2, but The Alters May Actually Be 11 Bit’s Biggest Hit This Year

Matthias Pawlikowski, 29 May 2024, 03:46

I had the pleasure of visiting Warsaw at the invitation of 11 bit studios and playing The Alters. Although I didn't expect it, after having some fun I conclude: this may be the most important game in this studio's portfolio in 2024.

Monetization of Apologies and Roadmap of Penance - How Do You Make Money on Mistakes After Failed Game Launch?

Matthias Pawlikowski, 07 May 2024, 01:49

Apologies after a failed launch are nothing unusual nowadays and have even become a way to monetize and fuel the interest of angry players. Here's how a game development roadmap turns into a roadmap of atonement. And we are simply falling for these gestures.

Sand Land Impresses With Size, but Quality's Concerning

Krzysztof Lewandowski, 27 March 2024, 08:10

Sand Land promises to be quite a large RPG, in which no one should complain about the lack of activities to undertake. But size doesn't matter if a certain kind of passion isn't ignited between us and the game.

Give Us Dune RPG at Last! This Setting is Perfect Material

Hubert Sosnowski, 15 March 2024, 03:40

Both Frank Herbert's Dune and Denis Villeneuve's films are works that stimulate the imagination. They invite us into an alien, crazy SF world, meanwhile we only get strategy and survival MMOs.

In Shadow of the Erdtree, Malenia's Brother Enters the Scene, and I'm Hoping for New Ending

Hubert Sledziewski, 01 March 2024, 04:01

Gameplay trailer of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree convinced me that FromSoftware studio did not waste the time that has passed since the release of the core game. I believe that the most outstanding work of the Japanese will become even better, although I was not sure if it was possible.

Hogwarts Legacy Needs New Seasons and Activities More Than Suicide Squad Does

Darius Matusiak, 16 February 2024, 05:34

Hogwarts Legacy is not a bad game, and one you'd want to come back to - if it had new content. Suicide Squad will have new content, but one doesn't necessarily want to check what kind. Could it be that the publisher, common to both productions, got the genre selection wrong?

Palworld is Cynical, Yet Surprisingly Tasty Blend of Games

Adam Adamczyk, 02 February 2024, 04:44

Palworld, often and peculiarly referred to as „Pokemons with guns,” has taken Steam by storm. And I got carried away by the wave of hype and joined the crowds playing the game. What did I find? Familiar mechanics served up in a way that's familiar and surprisingly satisfying.

Alan Wake 2 According to Our Team - Yay or Nay?

Przemyslaw Bartula, 31 January 2024, 06:32

Is Alan Wake 2 really delightful? A great game is great, but opinions among humans are always divided.

Workers & Resources Delivers What Cities 2 Fails, And It's Not Communism

Konrad Sarzynski, 28 January 2024, 03:42

It's a game at first glance as coarse as the times it depicts. Muddy and polluted by heavy industry, with rather unsophisticated graphics. However, underneath this mask lie powerful mechanics that should be the envy of top city builders.

After Avowed Presentation, I Wonder if Obsidian Even Knows What It's Doing

Przemyslaw Dygas, 23 January 2024, 02:25

Avowed was supposed to be a new quality among Obsidian's RPGs, guaranteed by, among other things, torrents of cash from Microsoft. After the latest presentation, however, I wonder if the developers even know that games have changed in the last 10 years.

Snowrunner Was Sensational; Expeditions Will Be Even Better!

Mikolaj Laszkiewicz, 12 January 2024, 07:20

The MudRunner series has been providing predictable but nonetheless wildly (and weirdly) addictive off-road driving fun for years now. Expeditions builds on the ideas of previous installments in the series and focuses on exploration, which it frankly does surprisingly well.

More Science, Less Fiction - Exodus RPG Will Tackle Time Dilation

Christian Pieniazek, 10 January 2024, 17:40

The phenomenon of time dilation was a big part of the story in Interstellar. Now this perplexing issue has been taken up by developers from Archetype Entertainment, making it a pillar of the story in their game Exodus. What's it all about and what impact will it have on story and gameplay?

Just Give Us Monster Hunter: World 2 and We'll All be Dandy, Capcom

Patrick Manelski, 09 January 2024, 15:00

Monster Hunter: World captivated gamers, so the bar for Monster Hunter: Wilds is set really high. In reality, however, Capcom doesn't need to reinvent the wheel – it can give us the same thing, only more of it. Simple, right?

How Was Gamescom 2023? This Year's Fair Marks a Huge Change in the Video Games Industry

Darius Matusiak, 03 September 2023, 14:32

For media outlets, gamescom means a tight schedule full of presentations, a lot of walking, and that comfort of not having to wait in a queue to play a new game. However, many of the awaited games didn't appear on this year's fair.

This Strategy Doesn't Look Great, But It's Hella Fun!

Martin Deppe, 27 April 2023, 15:33

XCOM 3 still hasn't even been announced, but at least Xenonauts return to face the space invaders in tactical combat again. And boy, it's so much fun!

Jagged Alliance Tries to Return to Grace, But There's No Revolution

Matthias Pawlikowski, 21 April 2023, 13:31

At last, Jagged Alliance 3 returns after numerous attempts, and it seems that this return will at least be interesting. I've spent a few hours with JA3, and while there won't be a revolution, it surely won't be another flop.

Instead of XCOM 3, I got Shadowgunners, and That's Totally Cool

Peter Bathge, 19 April 2023, 18:10

The new turn-based strategy Showgunners follows the path paved by Firaxis Games, which reinvented the genre. It's very dynamic, but also quite predictable.

„Geralt Is Part of My Soul” We Talk to Doug Cockle, the Voice of the Witcher

Mike Manka, 14 April 2023, 19:09

We met virtually with Doug Cockle to talk about how he sees Geralt as a character and what The Witcher means to him as a brand. The actor also revealed the behind-the-scenes of his work with CD Projekt RED.

The 10th Anniversary of BioShock Infinite, Game That Boldly Deconstruced American Exceptionalism

Jakub Mirowski, 08 April 2023, 15:56

There is always a lighthouse, there's always a man, there's always a city. And there's always the ideology that BioShock is trying to deconstruct. In Infinite, it was about a particularly sensitive issue: the American sense of uniqueness against the whole world.

Story in Diablo Has Never Been Black-and-White, But Only Diablo 4 Really Takes It For Real

Hubert Sosnowski, 01 April 2023, 14:10

Diablo almost always exuded darkness, but brought seemingly binary morality. Spoiler: it was never really like that. This world was drowning in a sea of grayness from the beginning. However, only Diablo 4 really taps into this moral ambiguity.

I'm Not Buying Diablo 4 on Release. I Still Don't Trust Activision-Blizzard

Zbigniew Woznicki, 30 March 2023, 13:19

Diablo 4 looks like a decent follow-up to one of my favorite series. The atmosphere in it is thick, the story seems adequately developed. Still, I don't see myself buying the game on release day.

Saving the World is So Boring, With One Exception - Final Fantasy 6!

Hubert Sosnowski, 27 March 2023, 16:57

Saving the world is exploited ad nauseam, especially in RPGs. Universal, but boring. Predictable enough to give yourself another game because you know what to expect. Fortunately, there have been some exceptions – and one was very, very special.

I Played Redfall and I Don't Count On Another Powerful Single-player Game from Arkane

Krzysztof Lewandowski, 24 March 2023, 15:23

Even before its release, Redfall is considered a typical co-op game for close-knit tems of friends. The demo was supposed to present Arkane Studios' production in from a different angle, but I think it failed.

CS 2 Gives Me 3 Reasons to Return to Game That Used to Bore Me

Karol Laska, 24 March 2023, 14:31

Counter Strike 2 exists and living to see its release suddenly isn't impossible anymore. Charm of memories and a handful of hopes – doubts were not raised. It will be an instinctive return to the game that I love and hate at the same time.

Top 4X Strategy Games on PC. 12 Games for Fans of Hard-core Strategy!

Hubert Sledziewski, 23 March 2023, 16:20

4X strategy games are quite popular nowadays. Some offer historical settings, others draw from fantasy or SF. Some are easily accessible, while others are immensly complex. Here are 12 4X games that seem especially worthy of being recommended.

This Sandbox Looks Beautiful, But Its Demo Bored Me Out

Darius Matusiak, 22 March 2023, 14:33

The demo version of Atlas Fallen brings unfortunate associations with Forspoken, but on the other hand, it was only a small part of a large action RPG. The game might have enough legs thanks to gameplay, because the lore promises to be quite generic.

I enjoyed Diablo 4 Beta, But I Hope it Won't End Up Like Other Games-services

Paul Musiolik, 21 March 2023, 16:22

The Diablo IV beta gave me a preview of one of the biggest launches of the year. Is the new installment of Blizzard's iconic series worth the wait?

After the Beta, I'm Sure I'll Play Diablo 4 for the Story!

Krzysztof Lewandowski, 20 March 2023, 13:48

It's too early for definitive judgments, but after what I saw in the beta, Diablo 4 seems to bring an intriguing story. Some of the game's elements may be questionable, but the story itself, and the way it is constructed, seems fantastic.

Hideo Kojima is a Genius and We Have Evidence

Sebastian Kasparek, 18 March 2023, 16:25

A freak, eccentric, genius and visionary – Hideo Kojima. The talented Japanese developer and filmmaker has already delighted us more than once, using ideas that are not just out there, they're often revolutionary.

Analyzing Financial Performance of Biggest Gaming Companies in 2022

Maciej Jalowiec, 15 March 2023, 16:33

The beginning of March is a time of financial summaries in the gaming industry. Major companies listed on the world's stock exchanges have just released their results for Q4 2022, and we analyze the data.

Breaking Geneva Conventions in Games. Can We Even Help It?

Darius Matusiak, 06 March 2023, 14:55

Games are known for their reckless episodes of violence, but this is just one of their sins. Indeed, many titles allow violations of international laws on armed conflict. But is it even possible for them to abide by such rules or even give us a choice?

''I Wouldn’t Mind Making Another Historical Game.'' We Talk to Pentiment Director

Karol Laska, 05 March 2023, 12:00

Pentiment is one of the biggest surprises of the past year. The big company released a seemingly small title and didn't quite count on commercial success. More about Obsidian's gem is told to us by the game's director, Josh Sawyer.

In Sons of the Forest, Adventure Writes Itself and Surprises With Strangeness

Krzysztof Lewandowski, 02 March 2023, 16:08

Sons of the Forest is a strange survival adventure in a world of cannibals and mutants. At every turn, I feel the amazement of this wicked sandbox, and while playing, the story creates itself – though I have to tell parts of it myself.

Decades Go By, And No One Has Done It Better Than Baldur's Gate 2

Hubert Sosnowski, 25 February 2023, 16:23

Modern RPGs are often grand and beautiful productions, yet in some ways, Baldur's Gate 2 remains the unquestioned king of the genre. The odds are against Baldur's Gate 3, but I wouldn't bet my entire paycheck on it.

Resident Evil 4 Hands-on! 15 Mins Already Showed Changes

Kristian Smoszna, 20 February 2023, 17:52

After the Dead Space remake comes another refreshed classic, which original was the main inspiration for the former. We have already had a chance to test it and can share our first impressions.

Games Like Stardew Valley 2023

Krzysiek Kalwasinski, 19 February 2023, 18:00

Stardew Valley is a great game, very popular to this day – at least among fans of farm simulators. However, there are plenty of similar games which are quite interesting. The list below will tell you a bit more about them.

Hogwarts Legacy Protagonist is a Psychopath

Matthias Pawlikowski, 18 February 2023, 18:00

Hogwarts Legacy is a fantastic and magical game. Not only can you become a wizard, but also a psychopath. The game's protagonist is one of the creepiest characters in video games.

Dead Space? More Like Dread Space! Going Mad With Its Splendid Narrative

Krzysztof Lewandowski, 16 February 2023, 15:37

In terms of narrative goals, Dead Space Remake may seem like a shipwreck mechanic sim. However, this is just superficial and simplification that's harmful to this survival horror, which also tells a story through its environment.

There's No Patching It. Hogwart's Legacy Dialog is Dullness and Cringe

Julia Dragovic, 14 February 2023, 15:33

The conversations between the dead-inside characters in Hogwarts Legacy are a festival of boredom and banality. I get the sense AI would do a better job. Reparo!

Mafia and Hidden & Dangerous Dev Talks His New Game Starring Chuck Norris

Krzysiek Kalwasinski, 13 February 2023, 19:00

Crime Boss: Rockay City is a love letter to action cinema of the second part of late 80s and early 90s. It’s also an interesting blend of genres that promises a breath of fresh air in the genre of FPS. We’ve had a chance to meet with the developers and ask them about how the game was created.

For Need for Speed to Work Again, It Needs to Go Back to the Past

Hubert Sosnowski, 10 February 2023, 17:01

It's quite obvious that NFS lost its way somehow. It had to concede to Forza Horizon as the kind of arcade racing, but all is not lost for the venerable franchise. Here's my idea for the perfect Need for Speed.

10 Excellent, Overlooked PS5 Hits

Sebastian Kasparek, 07 February 2023, 15:15

PlayStation 5 is entering the third year on the market, and the console can already boast a sizable catalog of great games. But there are also gems that were easy to miss among the giants. This article lists 10 of our favorite, low-key PS5 hits.

Hogwarts Legacy Features Ancestor of a Famous Wizard; Character Analysis

Hubert Sledziewski, 06 February 2023, 20:23

Hogwarts Legacy turns out to be a real treat for Herry Potter fans. Therefore, the game could not lack a reference to a certain famous wizard. In Hogwarts we meet his ancestor. Beware of minor spoilers.

Chamber of Secrets Referenced in Hogwarts Legacy

Krzysztof Lewandowski, 06 February 2023, 20:19

Various easter eggs have been placed in Hogwarts Legacy. One of them refers to a location known from the Harry Potter movies and books. Beware of spoilers!

RPGs Should be All-in Adventures, Not Immersive Estate Sims

Hubert Sosnowski, 04 February 2023, 00:27

No place like home, eh? They heard that saying in RPGs. Most of modern role-plays give you some form of roof over your head. The problem starts when these take a toil on gameplay.

Modest Man Who Changed the Industry Forever. Who is the creator of Dark Souls?

Sebastian Kasparek, 31 January 2023, 17:23

We take a look at the author of the Dark Souls series and see what are the creative motivations that led him to making genre-defining games.