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News Files and Mods 12 March 2023, 11:26

author: Adrian Werner

NFS Payback Ultimate Patch - Fan Project Got New Version and Parts

Version 1.3 of the Ultimate Patch mod has been released, improving the Need for Speed Payback racing game and expanding it with new elements.

Currently, fans of Need for Speed are mainly playing the two newest installments of the series, last year's NFS Unbound and 2019's NFS Heat. However, there are also fans of the brand who do not intend to abandon Need for Speed: Payback, despite the fact that the game is already more than five years old. Much of the credit for this goes to mods. One of the most important projects of this type, titled Payback Ultimate Patch, has just received a new version.

As the title suggests, the mod acts as an unofficial update and its purpose is to improve the game in general. In addition to bug and balance fixes, the mod also introduces a ton of beneficial gameplay changes. Of the most important, it's worth mentioning that players can finally go off-trail without resetting their position. Speed limits have also been lifted and teleportation to competitions or other activities is now possible. Car customization options have also been expanded, and stores offer additional parts, including new spoilers and bumpers.

  1. Payback Ultimate Patch - download the mod from our FTP server (the author has given us permission to host a mirror)
NFS Payback Ultimate Patch - Fan Project Got New Version and Parts - picture #1
Version 1.3 of the mod introduces, among other things, new rear lights. Source: AntiLoser.

The latest version of the mod is numbered 1.3. Traditionally, it offers technical fixes and introduces a set of new parts, including several variants of rear lights and diffusers. In addition, packs of parts have appeared in garages, facilitating quick upgrades of cars.

Need for Speed: Payback was released in November 2017, on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with mods available only for the PC release.

The game enjoys a good reputation among gamers. On Steam, 86% of user reviews praise NFS Payback, which is categorized as a "very positive" reception.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the author of the mod, namely AntiLoser, is also developing an analogous project for NFS Heat in parallel, titled simply Heat Ultimate Patch.

  1. Ultimate Patch for Payback on NexusMods

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