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News video games 23 February 2024, 04:05

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Nightingale to Get Offline Mode. Developers Change Plans After Player Complaints

The developers of Nightingale are changing their plans. Now their priority is to make the option to play offline available as soon as possible.

Source: Inflexion Games.

The debut of Inflexion Games studio might have been quite successful if it weren't for significant server issues that greatly impacted the players. So much so that the developers of Nightingale have changed their plans and will focus on making the offline mode available as soon as possible.

The fairy-tale survival game developed by former BioWare studio employees turned out well and gained many fans. However, the title has also faced strong criticism, mainly for one reason. Currently, Nightingale needs to be connected to the internet, but the game's servers are so unreliable that slowdowns are noticeable even when playing solo (according to some players; others blame optimization).

The game's devs have already addressed the matter in an entry posted on Steam. According to their explanation, Nightingale was intended to create "a world larger than individual Realms and servers" that players would explore together in co-op mode. That's why the team concentrated on co-op related mechanics, particularly because the developer saw it as a bigger technical challenge.

Inflexion studio apparently wants to enable playing Nightingale without a mandatory internet connection as soon as possible, indicating that it wasn't the correct decision. No specific date has been provided, but more updates on this matter will be shared on the game's social media platforms.

Although the online aspect of Nightingale isn't the only problem of the game, the announcement of the offline mode clearly pleased players. Now the devs have to make sure not to let them down.

Jacob Blazewicz

Jacob Blazewicz

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