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News guides 28 August 2023, 10:31

author: Damian Gacek

NMS - How to Start New Race Autophage They Who Returned Mission (Echoes Update)

The update 4.4 Echo to NMS introduced a new race (Autophage) and a new quest – They Who Returned. In this guide we will tell you how to start it.

Source: No Man's Sky, developer: Hello Games

No Man's Sky enthusiasts received the new patch - 4.4 Echo. This update brings many novelties, including the intriguing new race – Autophage. They have their own questline They Who Returned. You will be able to experience new adventures and get interesting rewards thanks to it. Sadly, many players don’t know how to trigger it. In this guide we will help you.

NMS - How to Start new Autophage race mission They Who Returned Mission

To start Autophage They Who Returned Mission you have to:

  1. Complete the previous main plot – Echo update and story is a direct continuation of the previous one. We could not find anyone who triggered the new content without completing the earlier content, so it is very likely that it is mandatory to finish it. Fans name missions such as The Purge, Harmonic Seal and A Trace of Metal as necessary to trigger the event.
  2. Pilot Sentinel Ship – all players who triggered the event seem to pilot this kind of vessel, so it is probably required.
  3. Jump to Korvax system – while it is (probably) not required, many players report that they have triggered the quest in these systems.
  4. Try Dissonant systems – another fans’ theory is that it is necessary to visit this system, however many people disagree.
  5. It is random – at the end, even if you pass above requirements, the start of the quest is still random. It means that you must jump to various systems and await the Starship alert message.

Edit: according to the newest community findings, it is not necessary to pick any specific system, we left the original news intact for informational purposes though.

Echo update in NMS

The Voyagers expedition is only one of many changes brought by Echo update. Here are some bigger ones:

  1. New expedition Voyagers – it features new interesting rewards and adventure;
  2. Outlaw capital ships – confront dangerous pirate dreadnoughts;
  3. Possibility to divert power to engines, shields or weapons;
  4. Space fights in capital ships;

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Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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