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News guides 20 February 2024, 05:46

author: Ewa Ichniowska

No Man’s Sky - Biscuit Recipe in NMS

The Palate Cleanser milestone in NMS requires making a special biscuit. In this guide, you will find all cookie recipes in the game.

Source: No Man's Sky, developer: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky has a cooking mechanic with an impressive amount of recipes which, at times, are required for objectives. One of them is the Biscuit. Have you tried to complete the Palate Cleanser in NMS but it didn’t work? Or maybe you just want to find out exactly what cookies you can make in the game? Either way, this guide is for you.

No Man’s Sky - Biscuit Recipe in NMS

Traveling through space on empty stomach? Not in NMS. The game allows you to bake enough varieties of biscuits for a whole interstellar bakery. You can make a basic cookie by putting Sugar Dough in the Nutrient Processor. The dough is made with only two ingredients Refined Flour and Processed Sugar.

The new Palate Cleanser milestone added in the Omega Expedition requires you to prepare a biscuit, but the simple one won’t do. You have to add something else to the dough to make one of the special recipes. Your results will vary depending on what you use, but it’s enough to add one ingredient to the dough – the additional items on the list are interchangeable.

Each of these recipes requires Sugar Dough as a base.

  1. ‘Apple’ Roll – Crab ‘Apple’ / Wriggling Jam,
  2. Baked Anomaly – Anomalous Jam / Silicon Egg / Hexaberry,
  3. Burning Surprise – Ever Burning Jam / Fireberry / Fire Water,
  4. Cocoa Creams – Bittersweet Cocoa,
  5. Cough Biscuits – Frost Crystal / Glass Grains / Leopard Fruit / Furball Jelly,
  6. Cream Fingers – Salty Custard / Stellar Custard / Monstrous Custard / Viscous Custard,
  7. Curdy Cracker – Bone Cream / Tangy Cheese / Partially-Liquid Cheese / Proto-Cheese,
  8. Enriched Biscuit / Milky Cookie – Warm Proto-Milk / Craw Milk / Bone Milk / Bone Nuggets / Giant Egg / Tall Eggs / Fresh Milk / Wild Milk / Creature Egg,
  9. Fish Biscuit – Hadal Core / Salty Fingers,
  10. Floral Wafer – Aloe Flesh / Pilgrimberry / Grahberry / Star Bulb / Solanium Marrow Flesh / Sweetroot,
  11. Haunted Wafer – Larval Core / Hypnotic Eye / Fiendish Roe,
  12. Healthy Wheatblock – Gamma Root / Impulse Beans / Jade Peas / Kelp Rice / Frozen Tubers / Heptaploid Wheat / Marrow Bulb / Pulpy Roots / Solartillo / Sievert Beans / Steamed Vegetables,
  13. Herbal Crunchie – Gek Nip / NipNipBuds,
  14. Honey Waffle – Sticky Honey or Synthetic Honey,
  15. Jammy Rounds – Grahj’am,
  16. Questionable Cookie - Dirty Meat / Offal Sac / Feline Liver / Scooped Innards / Crystal Flesh / Faecium / Chewy Wires / Meat Flakes / Meaty Chunks / Meaty Wings / Diplo Chunks / Scaly Meat / Strider Sausage / Raw Steak / Leg Meat / Crunchy Wings / Lumpy Brainstem / Proto-Sausage / Latticed Sinew / Processed Meat / Smoked Meat,
  17. Salty Cruncher – Kelp Sac / Salt,
  18. Spore Dunkers – Fungal Mould / Foraged Mushrooms / Non-Toxic Mushroom,
  19. Sticky Finger – Crunchy Caramel,
  20. Tooth Pickers – Cactus Jelly / Cactus Flesh / Cactus Nectar,
  21. Well-Smoked Biscuit/Smokey Cookie – Carbon / Condensed Carbon,
  22. Wriggling Tack – Nightmare Sausage / Flesh Rope.

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