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News guides 16 February 2024, 04:19

author: Olga Fiszer

No Man’s Sky - How to Get Atlas Flightpack, a New Jetpack in NMS

Curious about the latest Omega update in NMS? Here is everything we know about Atlas Flightpack and how to get it in the new Expedition 12 in No Man’s Sky.

Source: No Man's Sky; developer: Hello Games

The Omega update 4.5 brings a new Expedition to No Man’s Sky, where you can embark on an fresh interstellar journey. From February 15th to 19th everyone is welcome to explore the new content, even if they don’t own the game. It is a perfect time to start for newcomers, as the new campaign offers engaging objectives and exclusive rewards. In this guide, we will look closer at how to get an Atlas Flightpack in the Omega expedition.

How to Get Atlas Flightpack in NMS

Jetpacks are indispensable gear in the world of No Man’s Sky. Meet the Atlas Flightpack, a sleek and lightweight addition fueled by a fiery crimson core, obtainable exclusively during Expedition 12.

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All you have to do to lay your hands on this elegant Atlas Flightpack is complete Phase 4 in Expedition 12: Omega and claim it from the Quickliver Merchant on the Space Anomaly.

Expedition 12 Phase 4 has 7 milestones:

  1. Relic Hunter – Dig up 1 artifact,
  2. Fallen Giants – Explore a sunken freighter,
  3. Radiant Flight – Capture a Sentinel Interceptor,
  4. Boundary Failure – Erase 25 Sentinels,
  5. Palate Cleanser – Do some baking,
  6. Deep Glass – Scream into the void,
  7. Rendezvous 4 – Reach the 4th rendezvous,

and one optional milestone:

  1. Research Project 4 – Document the 4th rendezvous world.

Upon completing Phase 4 of the expedition, you’ll not only obtain the Atlas Flightpack but also acquire 1,200 Quicksilver as a reward.

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Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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