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News video games 24 August 2023, 18:16

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

No Man's Sky's New Update Brings Space Battles Like in Star Wars

A major update called Echoes hit No Man's Sky today. It introduces a new, mysterious race of Autophages to the game, as well as spectacular space battles with powerful ships that are reminiscent of Star Wars.


Developers of No Man's Sky are celebrating the game's seventh anniversary with the release of a major new update. Patch 4.4, called Echoes, is now available for download. It introduced a ton of new features to the game - some of which are presented in the trailer published today (below).

Fights like from Star Wars

No Man's Sky: Echoes is the biggest update to Hello Games' sandbox to be released this year. One of the most interesting new features is the robotic race of Autophages. There are story missions associated with this mysterious civilization, which the player can complete after joining the Entity priest Nada to discover its origins. By engaging in Autophage rituals, it is possible to acquire previously unavailable customization items, including hoods and face masks.

No Man's Sky has also received a two-handed, multitool called the Voltaic Staff, which can be crafted from components found in new missions. Constructing the staff is a sort of rite of passage for the Autophage.

In addition, the developers have redesigned space battles to make them much more spectacular. Large pirate battleships have arrived in the game, posing a threat to merchant fleets. By smashing them into fine dust - such an option has been made possible as part of the update - the player can get quite rich.

No Mans Skys New Update Brings Space Battles Like in Star Wars - picture #1
Fighting huge ships is something for Star Wars fans. Source:

Attacking such a pirate ship is shown in the trailer. It brings to mind the X-wings' attempts to destroy the Death Star and flying through the long technical tunnels of this iconic space station.

No Man's Sky: Echoes - other news

Echoes has also introduced a slew of other novelties to No Man's Sky, including:

  1. holographic projector, which enables you to display your favorite discoveries at the base;
  2. previously unavailable tool related to the Atlantid class;
  3. ability to discover secrets in Korvax monoliths, which will enable the player to learn entirely new stories;
  4. visual improvements on Nintendo Switch;
  5. visual fixes on PS VR2.

In addition, the update prepares the ground for the Voyagers expedition, which will be available "some time from now." - by searching idyllic planets and recording their discoveries, the players will earn unique rewards.

There were also bug fixes - their full list along with a detailed description of the new content can be found here.

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