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News guides 09 July 2024, 16:02

author: Damian Gacek

Once Human - Login Server Error Code 401 Fix, Steam Deck Support Explained

Do you have Login Server Error Code 401 in Once Human? We will tell you what to do.

Source: Once Human, developer: Starry Studio

Once Human was released a while ago and thousands of people play it right now. However, not all players can enjoy this free to play game. Many gamers report Login server error code 401, subcode 0. There is an easy way to fix it, though it may be not the best way to experience the title right now.

Once Human – How to Fix Login Server Error Code 401

It seems that people who experience Login server error code 401, subcode 0 use Linux. There is a great chance that Once Human does not like this OS, however players report that there is a way to fix this issue. What do you need to do then?

To fix the Login server error, you have to change the Proton version. Of course, not all of them work. Players name 2 compatible ones:

  1. Proton 6.3-8,
  2. Proton 7.0.6.

So, try the above options and let’s hope that they will work. However, have in mind that developers announced in their FAQ that Steam Deck and controllers are not supported on the Early Access launch. Creators promise that they will try to deliver gamepad compatibility by August.

What does it mean for Steam Deck users? Even if you will launch the title, you may encounter various other obstacles on your way, especially with controls. Keep that in mind while launching Once Human.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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