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News hardware & software 20 November 2020, 16:14

author: Christian Pieniazek

„Other” Takes Up to 100 GB of PS5's Storage; What's That and How to Free It?

PlayStation 5 has a relatively small SSD, with sometimes as much as 100GB of SSD being taken up by mysterious 'Other'. As it turns out, there is a simple way to get rid of most of this mysterious data.

  1. Many players have a problem with the item called "Other", which can take up to 100 GB of valuable space on the PS5 console;
  2. As it turns out, it's mainly backwards compatibility data;
  3. To get rid of most of it, you need to move games from the PS4 to an external HDD/SSD or uninstall certain items.

PlayStation 5 owners complain that up to 100GB of the console's valuable SSD space is occupied by the enigmatic 'Other'. The description available in the console menu, where we can read that it refers to "the space in the console memory reserved for system data necessary for the proper operation of games and applications", the size of which "depends on how the console is used", unfortunately does not give an answer to the question "what is it, whether it can be removed, and if so, how". Luckily, the editors of Push Square comes to the aid, as they not only managed to solve the mystery of the item, but also found an effective way to minimize the space occupied by it.

How to remove "Other" from PS5

Let's start with the fact that experiments carried out by Push Square editors have shown that "Other" contains in fact files related to backwards compatibility of the console, as well as other system settings and metadata for installed games. This makes it impossible to get rid of them completely, but there is a way to minimize the amount of space they occupy.

Players who have installed games from the PS4 on their PS5 can transfer them to an external HDD/SSD (the lion's share of "Other" will also be transferred out with them). If they do not have one, they should consider uninstalling some items, especially those they no longer intend to play. In this way, Push Square has managed to reduce the weight of "Other" from 90 GB to just 13.

As it turns out, this is not the end of our options. Other (nomen omen) way to reduce the amount of space occupied by this item is to reduce the lenght of clips recorded in games, which can be done in the system settings. Also, it's worth checking to make sure that there are no updates downloading in the background, which create various temporary files.

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