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News video games 15 January 2024, 07:19

author: Adrian Werner

Paradox May Announce Prison Architect 2 Soon

It seems virtually certain that Paradox Interactive will reveal the Prison Architect 2 game next week.

Source: Paradox Interactive

Everything indicates that Paradox Interactive will soon announce Prison Architect 2, the sequel to the hit strategy game about prison management. The following message was published on the game's official X account:

It's been nine months since we closed a chapter with the Sunset Update.

We think it's about time we started a new chapter, don't you?

Join us on January 16th.

Sunset Update is an update to Prison Architect that was released last May. It was announced as the final big patch for this game. At the end of the trailer, one of the 2D prisoners transforms into a 3D character (a screenshot from this scene opens the news). Fans have concluded that this is how the developers are teasing a sequel, which will offer three-dimensional graphics.

Some players may wonder whether Paradox doesn't intend to simply resume the development of Prison Architect, but it is most likely an announcement of the sequel. Last year, the sequel appeared in the database of the Korean rating agency, which is usually a reliable source of information about officially unannounced titles. All of this makes us almost certain that Paradox Interactive will announce Prison Architect 2 on January 16.

Let's recall that the alpha version of the first Prison Architect went on sale on PC in 2012, with the full release appearing three years later. Over time, the game was also ported to Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, as well as to mobile devices with iOS and Android systems. The game was developed by Introversion Software studio, which sold the rights to the brand to Paradox company in 2019. From now on, the development of the game is being handled by the Double Eleven team.

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