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News video games 09 January 2019, 15:30

author: Vergil

Prison Architect brand in the hands of Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive became the new owner of rights to the Prison Architect brand, which was bought from Introversion Software studio. While the publisher has ambitious plans related to its development, the existing authors intend to focus on new projects.

Introversion Software studio and Paradox Interactive have announced that the latter has become the new owner of Prison Architect's gaming rights and related brand. The publisher has ambitious plans not only for the development of Prison Architect (and does not exclude the possibility that production may in the future travel to new platforms), but also for the Architect brand itself.

On the other hand, Mark Morris, one of the founders of Introversion Software, argues that after almost a decade spent on the development of the game, his team simply had no ideas to push it further in any direction. But now the team can take a breath of fresh air and focus on the new project we are about to hear about soon.

Prison Architect brand in the hands of Paradox Interactive - picture #1
Prison Architect was financially and artistically successful. We will see what future awaits both the game itself and the brand associated with it.

Recall that Prison Architect made its debut on PCs in October 2015, where he achieved both artistic and commercial success. This strategy, in which the player plays the role of prison director, has appeared on various platforms over the years - in 2016 it was on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360, in 2017 it made its debut on smartphones and tablets, and in 2018 it joined the Nintendo Switch console library.

Both Paradox Interactive and Introversion Software have a long history. The authors of Prison Architect started operating in 2001. Although over the years the team has created just a few games, each of them has been unique in its own way; the latest is an exploratory adventure with elements of horror, titled Scanner Sombre. Paradox Interactive, existing since 1999, is known mainly for its strategy games. The catalogue of this publisher is powered by brands such as Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron or even Surviving Mars. However, the company's portfolio also includes representatives of other genres, such as Pillars of Eternity or Tyranny.

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