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News video games 22 May 2021, 16:53

author: Adrian Werner

Paradox Announced DLCs for CK3, Prison Architect and Empire of Sin

Paradox has announced several DLCs for its popular strategy games. Fans can look forward to the release of such expansion as Crusader Kings III: Royal Court, Prison Architect: Second Chances, or Empire of Sin: Make It Count.

Yesterday, saw the launch of the next edition of the PDXCON event, taking place online this year. The event will last until the end of the week. It was opened by the announcement of Victoria 3, the latest installment of the excellent strategy game series. After that, however, expansions for popular titles released by Paradox were also announced.

Before we go on to discuss the DLCs, it is worth mentioning that on the occasion of PDXCON, an interesting sale was organized on Steam, in which most of the publisher's games were discounted. In addition, until the end of the weekend you can test Stellaris, Cities: Skylines and Surviving Mars for free.

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Crusader Kings III: Royal Court

Let's start with Royal Court, the first major expansion for Crusader Kings III. It's supposed to make the palace games more attractive. Thanks to the DLC, CK3 will be enriched with a detailed 3D representation of the throne room, where we will be able to interact with the most important people in the state and pass judgments on vassals and courtiers.

The player will be able to improve the throne room by purchasing decorations, providing better food, and hiring artists to work on various projects. All this will increase our prestige and encourage more influential guests to visit us. Moreover, Royal Court will expand the gameplay mechanics, introducing the ability to create unique cultures, both new (which are offshoots of existing ones) and hybrid, formed by combining several cultures.

No release date has been announced for Crusader Kings III: Royal Court. However, it was revealed that along with the launch of the DLC there will be an update that will enrich the game with, among others, a new interface of cultures.

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Prison Architect: Second Chances

Among the revealed DLCs there was also Second Chances for Prison Architect. We will not have to wait long for this expansion, because the release will take place on June 16, this year on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Nintendo Switch users will get their version a little later - June 29.

Second Chances will enable us to organize rehabilitation programs for prisoners in our facility. We will be able to provide them with, among other things, meetings with civilians, classes with dogs, talks with former prisoners, or courses in peaceful methods of resolving conflicts.

This will improve the behavior of convicts, shorten the time they serve and increase the chances that they will not return to a life of crime after being released. Our officer will pay for the recidivism, so we will have a good motivation to try to change the prisoners' behavior.

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Empire of Sin: Make It Count

Empire of Sin will receive the Make It Count expansion this year. The expansion brings a new mafia boss to the game - Meyer Lansky, who specializes in the economic aspects of criminal activity and combining them with violence.

The DLC will also offer five additional gangsters, dealing with such things as blackmail and giving loans with ridiculously high-interest rates.

Moreover, Make It Count will introduce a new series of missions focusing on Lansky and his mentor, Arnold Rothstein. The DLC will also include additional abilities and tasks. Along with the launch of the expansion, we will get an update that will enrich the game with an interface for managing districts, additional victory mechanics and support for mods.

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Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back

Finally, it is worth mentioning Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back. In the case of this DLC, the devs have so far limited themselves only to the publication of a short teaser. It shows that the expansion will focus on the Eastern Front. We have known for some time that the devs plan to strongly expand and refresh the elements concerning, among others the Soviet Union. Among them, there will be alternative paths strongly deviating from what we know from the history books. For example, it will be possible to restore monarchy in Poland. Some of these changes will appear in the expansion, while others will be available for free in an update.

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