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News video games 11 February 2019, 14:10

author: Milosz Szubert

Paradox Will Announce New Vampire The Masquerade?

A mysterious website known as Tender has surfaced on the web. At a first glance, it appears to be just a standard dating app. Except it is owned by Paradox Interactive.

Probably many of you have heard of Tinder. Recently, a website has made its debut on the Internet, which at first glance resembles its rather crude copy. Its name is Tender and you can visit it by clicking here. If you decide to create an account, you will be asked eight questions. At the beginning they are quite standard - we have to give our date of birth or determine the emotion that suites us the most. But then, things become strange. First, the algorithm asks you to choose a picture of a girl pulled straight from a Japanese horror, blood spots, worms and a rather psychopathic-looking clown. Then we are required to reveal our blood type, evaluate, on a scale from 1 to 10, how lonely we feel and what are our interests (among more standard hobbies there are such unusual options as shamanism, chaos magic, esoterism or demonology). If after reading this description you think that there is something bigger behind Tender, you are right. The website was created by Paradox Interactive.

Paradox Will Announce New Vampire The Masquerade? - picture #1
Is Tender a vampire dating app? / Source: Geek & Sundry

After opening a Tender account and watching the introductory movie, we can do three tasks - to define how we feel today, reveal what we did last weekend and guess what emotions from Robert Plutchik's wheel of emotions are missing on the website (what's interesting, it's trust). Then we can see a list of "sick" people in our area and… that’s where the website ends at the moment. Subsequent missions are to appear regularly over the next 6-8 weeks.

Paradox Will Announce New Vampire The Masquerade? - picture #2
It’s been almost 15 since the release of the iconic Bloodlines.

Tender is therefore a classic ARG (alternate reality game), the aim of which is probably to announce a new title. What title? For many, the answer to this question is obvious. As you probably remember, last year we informed you about Paradox Interactive's plans to restart the Vampire: The Masquerade franchise in the form of a video game. What else can be associated with vampires more than blood, esotericism, disturbing images and lack of trust? Probably only long canines and pale skin (although the latter two are still mission on Tender). But if it's not about a new digital adaptation of the popular RPG system from White Wolf, then what? Everything should be clear at the turn of March and April.

Milosz Szubert

Milosz Szubert

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