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News video games 10 February 2023, 16:03

author: Marek Pluta

Creator of The Settlers is Working on City Builder Pioneers of Pagonia

Volker Wertich, creator of The Settlers, has taken on a new project. It is a city builder titled Pioneers of Pagonia. PC players will be able to try it out later this year.

If you love spending long hours creating and managing your own society in titles such as The Settlers, then you might be interested in a new work by the creator of this iconic series. Volker Wertich is working on a new city builder called Pioneers of Pagonia, which in a few months will enter the early access phase on Steam.

The strategy game will take players to the eponymous archipelago of Pagonia islands, where their task will be to create a community and establish its position through building, manufacturing, economic expansion and environmental exploration. The developers promise more than 40 types of buildings, as well as 70 types of goods, along with extensive production chains.

Players will not only have to expand their population, taking care of its needs, but also protect it from any threats in the form of wild animals, mythical creatures, as well as bandits plundering the settlements. In addition, there will be an option to establish relations with other islanders, who will not always be friendly to our community. Meanwhile, procedurally generated maps will force players to find creative solutions to the challenges posed to them every time.

New project from the creator of The Settlers

Envision Entertainment, the studio responsible for the game has not revealed any gameplay details for now. Apart from a short trailer, no gameplay has been presented yet, so it's hard for us to say anything more about the title. All we know is that in addition to solo mode there will be a co-op mode available, which will allow for the exploration of the archipelago of islands together with friends.

Creator of The Settlers is Working on City Builder Pioneers of Pagonia - picture #1

Pioneers of PagoniaSteam

The devs will make the game available in early access in the coming months, which will enables us to better assess the project. We can only hope that the atmosphere of The Settlers will be preserved, which, despite being nearly 30 years old, is still very popular among the players.

Creator of The Settlers is Working on City Builder Pioneers of Pagonia - picture #2

Pioneers of PagoniaSteam

Let me also remind you that the approximate release date of Pioneers of Pagonia is tentatively set for the fourth quarter of 2023.. It certainly promises to be an interesting activity for long winter evenings.

  1. Pioneers of Pagonia on Steam

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Pioneers of Pagonia

Pioneers of Pagonia