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News guides 13 December 2023, 04:37

author: Damian Gacek

Multiplayer and Coop in Pioneers of Pagonia Explained

If you want to learn more about multiplayer and coop in Pioneers of Pagonia, you are in a good place. Read our article to learn more.

Source: Pioneers of Pagonia, developer: Envision Entertainment

Pioneers of Pagonia is a new city builder from creators of The Settlers. It is no wonder that the game has a strong feeling of this renowned series. Of course, The Settlers were known not only for its settlement development mechanics but also for multiplayer. Will Pioneers of Pagonia have also this feature? Let’s find out.

Multiplayer and coop in Pioneers of Pagonia

City builders are often connected with multiplayer aspects. While it is not the rule, it is quite common idea that this genre works well with cooperation or competitive gameplay. No wonder that many players expect Pioneers of Pagonia to have this feature. If you are one of them, we have some good news fore you.

Multiplayer and Coop in Pioneers of Pagonia Explained - picture #1
Envision Entertainment, Steam

According to the roadmap published on Steam, and developers’ FAQ, coop is planned. There is no precise date of implementing this feature on the English version of roadmap. However, Polish one informs that the multiplayer will be added in the first quarter of the next year (2024).

PvP in Pioneers of Pagonia

Of course, coop is not the only part of the multiplayer, PvP is also an important feature. However, according to the FAQ section of the official Discord server, it is not planned at the moment.

Will there be PvP?

- We are focusing on cooperative gameplay because it fits the game perfectly and allows for constructive and fun multiplayer with your family and friends. We are not ruling out the idea of adding more different game modes during or after Early Access, but it is not on our current agenda.

If you are waiting for this feature, you have to be patient. Of course, a good idea is to signal developers that there is a demand for this mode.

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