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News guides 13 December 2023, 05:26

author: Damian Gacek

Campaign in Pioneers of Pagonia Explained

Do you want to play a campaign in Pioneers of Pagonia? Read our guide to learn more about this feature.

Source: Pioneers of Pagonia, developer: Envision Entertainment

Pioneers of Pagonia is heavily inspired by The Settlers. It is not a surprise, as one of the creators of the game is also the father of this popular series. Thousands of players are interested in this title. Some of them want to play a campaign. If you are one of them, you may be surprised.

Campaign in Pioneers of Pagonia Explained

If you are one of the players who value the campaign mode in games, you may be disappointed by Pioneers od Pagonia as it does not have any. What is more, developers do not plan to add one. We can read on the official Discord sever:

Will there be a campaign?

- No, we are focusing on procedural map and objective creation to ensure high replayability with unlimited variation rather than a limited number of hand-crafted maps.

Of course, procedurally generated maps can also be interesting, and in the long run will definitely offer more gameplay hours than campaign, but still, some players may be discouraged by this news. Especially those, who seek interesting story to motivate them.

Remember that the game is still in early access and some features may be added in the future. Who knows, maybe if the demand will be high enough, developers will reconsider their decision. However, if you decide to buy Pioneers of Pagonia, you have to be prepared that the campaign mode may be never added to it.

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